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Ozone Clean

Ozone Clean Process by Kamuk Life

While women around world and in India are buying are buying lingerie's and other garments from stores there is growing concern about the hygiene  level of these ready made garments  specially Lingerie's  since they are most Intimate form of ready made garments.

Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University's School of Medicine, has conducted research on the micro flora and human secretions found on a variety of clothing items bought in stores, from underwear to dresses. Predictably, he found a slew of filth, including skin, faecal and respiratory tract bacteria, along with vaginal organisms like yeast. The articles of clothing that carried the most flora were swimsuits, underwear and other intimate items.

These Harmful bacteria can start breeding on the fabric if care is not taken while manufacturing and handling of the product.

This is exact reasons why are parents not so long time back asked us to wash new clothes before wearing them  and even today all new born babies are given old baby clothes from closed relative's only this is simply done to ensure that bacteria and germ exposure is minimal.

Kamuk Life  a company based in India has introduced a new breakthrough technology which has been applied for patent  where all lingerie products are treated in presence of Ozone gas which eliminates bacteria/Virus/Flu etc from the lingerie so what the customer gets is a complete clean product which they wear without any worry.

The process is know as Ozone Clean.