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How to Woo Your Lover & Be Extra-Appealing By Playing With the Lingerie

How to Woo Your Lover & Be Extra-Appealing By Playing With the Lingerie

So here we are! Ladies, gird your loins! We are here with the hot tip of the week. Let’s start it with a question.

This question is for all the ladies, so here it goes –

“Have you ever wondered how to be more luscious and feline with sexy lingerie?”

No? Well, then you would love our hot tip. The tip is to “turn the spunk on in the bed by wearing your favorite slinky little see-through robe and make an animal out of him with the peek-a-boo”

Hot enough, right? So let us understand the catch here. Men love to see the woman in the sexiest lingerie, especially in the night. They love to fancy what is underneath and especially see-through works like a spell on them. It will lead their imagination into their wildest thoughts and all they could imagine is your raunchy hot body.

Circumstance is the key thing here. So follow your instinct and take the lead. You can do it two ways –

  • While he is in the bed and all turned on, stop him for a while before he takes off your clothes. Take a bathroom break and get yourself dressed in the shortest, revealing robe or even better the teddy lingerie.

Oh boy! It will magnify the X-factor right away. He won’t be able to handle this the moment you will come out of the bathroom door. The chances are he will grab you so, be ready for some steamy sex (wink-wink)

  • Wake up in the morning a little earlier than him. Turn yourself into ultimate seductress by wearing a super revealing robe. It will skim your body and sort of reveal everything yet shows nothing. The moment he will wake up, he won’t be able to stand the heat in the bed. They say, “If a woman looks superb in the night, it is a come on. But if she looks sexy even in the morning, then you have really witnessed something out of the world”.

So why wait? Be little sultry and desirable in the bed. Your man will go crazy and you both will end up being ‘hot mess’ which is definitely good.

Tip Off: To look extra sensual and sexy, make it a little hard for him to reach you. How to do that? Well, first off, wear your slinky lingerie and sit beside the mirror while brushing your hair. He will love how your hair falls on your nude body.

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