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Why Men Want Their Wives To Wear Revealing Clothes?

Why Men Want Their Wives To Wear Revealing Clothes?

Ask most men what they like to see on their wives, and they’ll probably joke: “Nothing!” But men are known to be the ‘visual gender’ and not only do they notice what women are wearing but also draw conclusions about you from how you dress. Men view women as their greatest accomplishments, there is nothing wrong in admitting it that they love showing off their women as an accomplishment. The question arises here is that why do men want their wives to wear revealing clothes. Before that let us start with a generic discussion about what men like to see women wearing-

  • ​ ‘Fitted’ is a word generously used — with pencil skirts, tight jeans and body hugging dresses all favourites. Men like to see that there is a body under the piece of clothing, even if it’s not perfect. It all goes back to playing up one’s assets.
  • ​All the men agreed that the classic black dress — albeit fitted — is always a good choice. When in doubt wear black. ​
  • ​Casual wear favourites were again figure-hugging with skinny jeans being popular — but only if they were coupled with heels or knee-high boots.
  • ​Simple vests were also a hit, while tops with necklines that reveal the décolletage were favoured — especially strapless, bandeau numbers V-necks.
  • Short skirts were also, unsurprisingly, a crowd pleaser.
  • Some men cited seductive underwear as a party-pleaser. Some of the married men felt that​ the comforts of a long-term relationship had lulled their partners into giving up their lacy push-up bras for the comfort and support of stodgy undies. So go out and buy some fun Sexy Nighty lingerie and get a little gussied up every now and then; no one has to see it but your partner in the privacy of your own home.
  • Below are certain quoted verbatim from some men about their preferences on the dresses worn by the women-
  • “A man likes a woman to look hot if she is his girlfriend; cute if she is his sister; graceful if she is his mother and sultry if she is his wife. Men know best how a woman needs to dress because men being a visual creature fantasize about women all the time! The really like if their wives put effort in dressing for them, which is the biggest turn on. No matter how long the marriage has been, Transparent lingerie in the bedroom is always a yes. It just elevates the mood” said an anonymous 45-year-old educationist and retired Army Major.
  • “Clothes say a lot about a woman’s exposure, lifestyle and confidence. The way she wears her hair and make-up says a lot about her sense of style and sophistication. Her choice of fragrance and pair of heels say a lot about her personality and taste, ” said Usman Dittu, women's wear designer. “These days, everyone has a ‘designer bag’, original or fake — so big deal but no matter how much you accessorize your attire, the outfit matters every time. Talking about my wife, I just love when she wears anything confidently. I try not to hammer her choices of wearing clothes but revealing clothes like some lacy undergarments, specially black, are just too hot to handle, when in public, plunging necklines, backless dresses and specially confidence. I am just not able to take my eyes off her. But according to me the event matters too!”
  • “I love to see women wearing blazer suits and a button-down shirt. I think there’s just something extremely hot about a woman who knows how to carry ‘power dressing’ in a feminine way, I love when they embrace their curves, wear fitted outfits flaunting their figures, it hardly matters whether there is some skin show off, I feel that a fitted dress is much more sexier than those skin revealing dresses” said Munib Nawaz, menswear designer. “I also like to see a woman wearing a man’s dress shirt or T-shirt in a feminine way. The clothes that I like to see women wearing represent power, authority, and elegance, yet still maintain an air of femininity and seduction. Such dressing styles just scream sexy to me. These women are subtle in their moves and extremely smart. They know how to command any situation or milieu without being in your face. They are dominant and that is appealing to me. ”
  • “I like to see women in high heels, but a maximum of 4 inches; anything over that looks weird!” said Arsalan Iqbal of Arsalan & Yahseer, fashion designers. “Backless and sleeveless clothes are adventurous options, but I prefer an elegant silhouette with minimalist design. A perfect form-fitted gown is a big turn-on for me. I hate women in jumpsuits although they are on-trend these days! Minimal make-up with lighter shades of lipstick and a bit of contouring does it for me. Excessive foundation and overly experimental hairstyles on women are major turn offs. Less is more. Although I majorly prefer bold colours and less clothes when it comes to the quality time with my wife. Also some experimental lingerie and a bit teasy seduction is my thing. !”

As the main question around which the blog revolves is “Why men want their wives to wear revealing clothes? “With those two keywords “men” and “their wives” the answer deviates a bit. There is absolutely no doubt that the Y-chromosomal part of our species (in layman's language “men”) are definitely visual creatures. One of the basic reasons every man wants his wife to wear something showy is to enhance his fantasy imagery and also fires up the sex appeal.

Science Supports It

These are not just random tall talks, a very recent study by neuroscientist teaches us a lot about the what’s and why’s of our sexual desires. The study clearly signifies that men love to objectify females, and when that female is their soul mate the pleasure just doubles. Most of the male partners complain of dulling of their sexual relationship as their marriage attains the prolonged comfort level. They feel that the due to the comfort level, their partners have stopped putting efforts like buying special lingerie etc. Hence, the teasing of the sheer net gowns, the lacy babydoll sets, the bold coloured lingerie are always a forever (ladies take that note).

Carry that outfit with confidence and watch your husband go gaga over you. The imagination power of men is way too developed and revealing clothes are just an add on. The dim lights and the teasing lingerie is the best surprise any husband can ever get. Despite the years, husbands still love their wives getting dressed especially for them. Every husband is thrilled to see their wives in revealing clothes.

One thing to understand here is that even though they are the imaginative side and they are programmed to admire the female figure (blame it on the androgen) there is still a classification even in them. Some are exhibitionist and some are voyeurs. They really love watching their wives in minimal clothing when they are around.

Psychological studies show that the sheer gowns, sexy thongs ,Transparent lingerie and BDSM Kit not only ignite their imagination at that particular moments but it creates a permanent imagery in their brains, making them more attracted toward their wives and helps in strengthening their bond. No we are not only talking about the honeymoon period, this trick will help you spice up your married life at any point of time. The provocative clothes have different reaction when worn in different settings which will be discussed later but when talking about your personal time each and every man on this planet loves to see his wife in those teasy revealing clothes.

Revealing Clothes in Public

Well, above we talked about how and why love their wives to wear revealing clothes in the bedroom or while in their private quality space. But the controversy begins when we come to whether they like their wives wearing revealing clothes in public or not.

The answer is not at all simple here, some of them are very rigid about how insecure they feel seeing their wives eyed by other men. 70% of men don’t approve of their wives wearing revealing clothes in public. They literally hate the stares or the unwanted attention due to the extra skin showing off. This act makes them more insecure and hurts their male ego.

Whereas the rest 30% are more comfortable, in fact feel more attracted towards their wives when they wear and carry revealing clothes in public. The more they feel their soul mate is wanted by other men the more they are attracted towards them. The more the skimpy clothes, the more stares, the more turned on they feel. And no, we are not throwing assumptions on you, They are literally proven studies.

Many men are aroused by exhibitionism whereas some prefer their imagination to do the job. The answer also varies on the type of social setting we are talking about. Some men are fine with the provocative clothes in certain places. Most men agree on the fact place matters too. Some men deny their wives as a showpiece and are very rigid about them not wearing it.

Well that is not the only reason they like skimpy clothes, one of the backward reasons is the confidence the clothes are carried with, men hardly care whether their wives are skinny or have a perfectly sculpted figure, the more dominant and most of the times the overlooked part is the confidence they carry with themselves, that my lady is the most important aspect to be taken care of.

In the end we would like to say that husbands are the visual breed and revealing do evoke them more than anything. They get sexually aroused and that automatically makes their wives more attractive to them, strengthens their relationship. However the discussion takes a different turn when we talk about the social setting these clothes are worn in.


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