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What Is A Sex Swing And How To Use It?

Do you want to add more spice to your sex life? Still confused about what should be done. Add some fun exploration and new styles to your sex story. Tried out with different sex toys or BDSM tools all are out of practice and got bored of playing with them. Then now it’s time for you to try something different and more fun-filled acts to your game with best luxury Sex Swing. Floating love in the air can be great fun.

Although people think of it as one of the BDSM tools in reality it’s just not like that. To the people who are more inclined towards the climax and reaching orgasm in different ways, it is one of the best-supporting articles. It works well to enhance your sex position or you can say as if it is the way to explore the impossible sex positions to the possible ones. You only have to wrap with the straps of the swing as per your comfort and choice, the possibilities are endless. These can bring a lot more fun, excitement, and energy with creativity. Play naughty with each other endlessly during your intimate sessions in different angles and positions.

One of the partners remains in the standing position and the other one will be positioned in the air, a way to go deeper as much as you want. So if you are planning to go for it then there is a big go for it. And remember to go for the guide before start using it.

What Is A Sex Swing?

From the name itself, one can understand it is meant for sex. It is not a particular one to be used while going for BDSM, can prove to be a good supporting agent. As it has got nothing to do with the term ‘power play’ and that is the practice of BDSM.

This is simple to use and enhance your performances while having sex with added innovative styles, deeper penetrations with high levels of satisfaction. There is not only one type available once you get into a purchase and search on online platforms like Kamuklife you will find a much different variety of swings for you to choose from.

Door Slam Sex Swing

This is one of the most preferred varieties available which can be easily set on the door and the only thing you need to take care of is to keep the door locked and can be easily packed within no time after use.

These have strong heavy cross bars at the end of the straps, which are generally hung onto the other side of the door, such that when the door will be closed tight it keeps the swing in its place.

This is one of the best choices to try with weightless experience, without holding the partner and leaving your hands free to let hands experiment on other curves of the partner's body.

Sex Slings

They are more of like a hammock, allowing your partner to lean back and so they can almost lie down. The experiment can be made easy and finding new sensation points more approachable. They can be hanged on some beam, leaving the partner free on the swing absolutely in the air position thus letting the male partner try different angles to the one on the swing suitable in case of anal sex or oral practice.

But do take care of the precautions needed to be taken while mounting and using the same. They need a little more effort to be fitted and in a proper position but once you come to know how to go for it then it can be easily removed and discreetly packed.

Reasons Why To Use A Sex Swing

Why one should use it? You won’t find anyone reason but there are many to know. One and the most known is to bring a change added with loads of fun-filled pleasure. Even it gives easy access to those of your erogenous which are still waiting to be sparked up. There are many other reasons like when one of the partners is having some disability and being human desires needs to be satisfied, and, same does the swing here. Even when there is some marked difference between you and your partner then there is it spells magic between two’s relationships. You may find more when you’ll practice on your own.

As you are going to try with some of the positions on it, then be just a little careful while installing the same. Do go through the instructions thoroughly, the weight it can hold, where it can be hooked, how to fix, etc., etc. if you are a beginner then take special precautions by adjusting yourself onto it for a better approach.

Do take care that your muscles are not being pulled and you are comfortable enough to enjoy the zero-gravity sex ride. Do set your safe words before if it meant for BDSM practice, have a nice chit chat on the session, about the moves and curvy enjoyment. Enjoy the ride, have fun.

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