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What do you see in this image?

What do you see in this image?

Different people, different perspectives. One can see different things in the same image. Like, take the example of this above image. What did you notice in the image, first?  A woman or a man?

If you are a woman and noticed the man’s face before the woman in the image, this clearly depicts the wild side of your personality that shows that you have a high sex drive and you are currently interested in finding a romantic partner for yourself right now. If you are already in a relationship, then this can also mean that you are deeply engrossed with him, connected at various levels and he is always on your mind, a clear sign of an exciting and smooth love life. If you noticed the woman’s face first in the picture that means you are comfortable with yourself, feel confident in your skin and have a positive outlook towards life.

On the contrary, if you are a man and noticed the man in the image before the woman, this shows your concern about interpersonal relationship with other men in your circle. It can be anyone- your colleagues at work, other men in your life, your close friends or relatives. If you saw the woman before the man, then it is a healthy indication depicting that you are actively looking for a partner to indulge romantically with.

The painting created by Sofia Levitskaya- a Ukrainian artist, is called the Kiss and was originally painted with oil on cardboard. While this painting means different things at different levels, an interpretation also states that a look at the painting can tell you about the changes you will see in the near future. If you see the woman, you are surely to succeed professionally in life very soon. And if you notice the man in the image first, you will be greeted by a man in life, who will bring lots of happiness in your life in the future.

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