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What do you see in the image?

What do you see in the image?

Many a times, a thing, place, situation or a natural object lives us in a delusion, that we see something else that is apparently visible on the surface.

Like, take the example of this image. What do you actually see in this image? A quick glance will make you feel like that you are looking at a bunch of rocks in a natural setting.

But if you observe this image from a little closer, you can see a feminine figure in rocks, lying passionately as if enjoying the nature.

Pleasantly surprised?

Well, the ‘rock solid lady’ is so beautifully hidden that when you really see it, you definitely smile and look at it once again. The human brain works this way, isn’t it? The psychological ‘drama’ that the brain performs is applauding, whether it is a simple illusion or something as above. First, it won’t notice anything unusual but another look and bang on! This image is a clear case of such brainteasers.

This image is a popular optical illusion that is sometimes said to be a work of Photoshop. We cannot comment on the authenticity of this image with conviction. But the image definitely serves as a great optical illusion that grabs the attention of a human towards the erotic imagery present in the image.


Let us know if you were also trapped in the erotic imagery of this optical illusion.

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