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What do women prefer on men?

What do women prefer on men?

"Have you ever complained about the grandma panties? Well soldiers, women have some bones to pick with you too".

The intimate cherishable time with your partner is one of the most memorable times in your relationship. Efforts are made to make it more memorable and sensuous from both the sides. The piece of clothing worn is either an add-on or a turn off. This makes it clearly visible how important it is what you wear in your bedroom to your partner.

Well! Almost half of the population of women out there has to agree in the fact that wearing a lingerie gives them a sense of power weather that are wearing under a set of clothing or displaying in the bedroom. The best part is that now even men can indulge in this guilty pleasure. Long gone are the days when lingerie was pleasurable clothing for women only. Men's lingerie is a thing now. Many women quote that it is the sexiest thing they have ever witnessed. However, as the saying goes, there are two faces of the coin. So not everyone is on the same page, but men's lingerie is definitely one of the most trending sensuous clothing pieces. The market is flooded with options. They are available in different colours, patterns, materials. Here the most important question arises what do women prefer on men?

The answer is not plain. There are a bunch of women who find it sexy, and a bunch who literally hates it. Let us guide you through this dilemma and help you enhance your pleasurable time.

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Beginning with a question “What do women prefer on their man?” After all preference is the key to the romantic fire. What is the first thing you put on when get dressed – a clean pair of underwear. Some prefer them as stylish as the clothes worn over them others happily go the plain simple ones. Wearing the pattern and style of the skivvies gets debatable depending upon who you ask. Well, often the only person to see you in them is your partner. Henceforth here comes the role of preference. Although this preference varies from person to person and the individual differences count a lot. After a great deal of research, we came up with some favourite categories that women prefer on their men. We have listed down all the aspects of every genre. Go ahead read and choose one for yourself.

The major broad categories we will be talking here are - Boxers, Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Thongs.


This is the typical, vintage undergarment worn by men. They are comfortable, specially designed for unhindered leg movements. They are considered the classic, the not very showy, and the not very crazy option.

Why women love them-

  • It is very classy. They grew up with it.
  • They don't want their guy's underwear to look anything like theirs.
  • Boxers reveal the perfect amount.
  • They feel most of them are too tight and overindulging.

Boxers hold their own mature manly look but they have their own certain issues they get baggy at times and can be a sneaky peaky to your pants and shorts.

There are multiple brands, clothing and colours available in them. If you are a big fan of the old school type boxers are definitely your thing. You can go for plain classic black or blue solid boxers or being playful you can go for patterns like superhero nerd, the comic guy etc., the list is never ending.

There is another trending version of the old vintage boxers and it looks a leaner and fitter version. To our very surprise it is called the Slim-fit boxer. It is less bunch and has a better finish in fitting you. It feels more mature, which means no kids like patterns are available here just solid subtle strips and occasional polka dots.

In simpler words this boxer is manlier and that is how women treat you with them. However certain precautions should be taken in consideration such as choosing the size and the clothing.


Briefs is not that favourite among women, but how ironic it is 67% men prefer wearing briefs to bed for their partner and only nearly 37% of the women like it.

Hence, this article.

What women say of the briefs –

  • A few of them like men who are in shape and comfortable with their sexuality and briefs represent that at least among the dudes
  • A few commented on how they love how briefs make a guys butt look
  • "Thighs."
  • For a few it is their favourite type on men. These guys are more confident and not afraid of losing masculinity in normal underwear.

The briefs are mostly divided into two broad categories and no we are not racists.

  • The first one goes with a popular name “Tighty whities".

They are the bad rap of the “briefs”. But the truth is nothing can beat the comfort and sex appeal of a pure white classic white brief that fits perfectly.

The precaution to be taken care is they need to be thrown away every 6 months, that is, we need a replacement. As no likes dirty undies and they are a pure turn off.

  1. Coloured briefs.

Let's face keeping a white brief crisp and clean is more difficult than brushing your teeth twice.

This is the point where the coloured counter part shines.

Solid colours like black, grey, maroon and navy are always good to go. In case you want a hint of spice and be adventures you can also go for the green, yellow and purple shades.

Of all the colours grey is the unknowing most desirable one, so in case you are new to this genre, it can be safe play for you.

As in general even briefs are available in all solid colours, patterns and subtle strips.

Let you mood be the master at times.

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They are the curious kid in the house, we mean the curious hybrid. They have the clothing the material of briefs and the length of a boxer. They provide more support and help you show off more of your man.

This is one of the most favourable categories for the women.

Why Women Love Them: Here's why women preferred boxers briefs over any other type of men's underwear.

  • They feel Boxer briefs make men look more muscular and macho. They're also what men are wearing whenever a man appears in an advertisement for women, so they associate them with hotness.
  • They are sexier than boxers and accentuate thighs.
  • They fit well under clothes. Always a plus point for that.
  • The great assumption by them is that Boxer briefs are like the Goldilocks of men's underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right on right places.
  • This category of undies is the manliest looking to them. They not into taking a guy’s pants off and seeing boxers with reindeer on them in June.
  • Many women feel they Makes the thighs look great. Boxers are what my dad wears, briefs are what the 7-year-old nanny wears.
  • Boxer briefs are so attractive on a man; they are complimentary and boxers give too much freedom. That is already a two way compliment sir.
  • They like boxer briefs because there is no chance of a peek-a-boo sighting. And they usually fit a guy better. They better the fit the more they are sexy.
  • Mostly they like slim-cut boxers in technical fabrics, but the appearance of those is closest to boxer briefs, which are appealing because they're manlier in appearance than briefs and more form-conscious than boxers.

We did not write a whole fan base story for this Category to go in vain. Yes they are one of the most desirable despite any colour and pattern. Hence this is always a turn on and safe play.

  1. Trunks-

Trunks are basically boxer briefs with shorter legs i.e the length of the legs are comparatively shorter but not equal to briefs. They often come in more athletic fabrics and colours and they are also referred to as the athletic undies. They are perfect when you need a more flexibility. Cristiano Ronaldo wears his own line of underwear. Women were into these but didn't have extremely strong opinions, except for when it came to big branded logos which they pretty much all hated and here are some of their quoted statements.

  1. "Makes me think of Zoolanderfor some reason."
  2. "Army green feels tough and manly."
  3. "Weirded out by the bands."
  4. "I feel like they would highlight the butt well."

But still there are a few who literally love this category. And below are the reasons why-

  • They feel they are tight enough to show off a nice butt. They like that they are not the only one that can wear something tight.
  • They like that the legs are a little bit shorter but not so short that it looks like a bikini bottom and yes that is one major plus point.
  • Trunks offer the best assessment of what they are gonna get when they come off.
  • "Before having many TMI conversations with their husbands, one lady stated that she would have chosen boxer briefs. However, it seems that both of them ended up preferring trunks. The shorter legs are nicer in the heat (they live in Singapore), but don't have the possible wedgie/look like grandpa problem of briefs.

The above mentioned are still safe options to consider. Now let's talk about the most debatable, questioned, unexplored topic of men undies.

The Men's Thongs-

As soon as we hear the word men's thongs, half of men start thinking

“Am I on a Brazilian beach?”

“Am I a stripper?”

“Is this too feminine?”

Well yes certainly we are not yet accustomed to this category of men's lingerie yet. Nonetheless, no one can discard the adventurous zeal it sparks.

No we are not suggesting it for a regular office use; it will definitely give you a wedgie.

But for turning on the fire inside your bedroom it just works well.

Now we come to a question do women like it? The answer is - a lot of them do like it, in fact love it as a change from the long boring schedule. But a whole lot of them don't. Hence we will suggest a bit of conversation beforehand. It is better than the turn off fights.

By the end of the article - no we did not solve the question, because individual differences still come to play. At least now we have listed down the pros and cons that will be helpful.

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