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‘The us time’ is your saviour and these 4 things can help you, really.


It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. It doesn’t even matter if you have been in a stable relationship or are newly committed to someone. Neither does the presence or absence of courtship period matters. What matters is that

life can get pretty dull and boring in the same routine of rushing to work, coming home and rushing to work again in the morning. It becomes very difficult to get special moments alone with your partner and relax without keeping the needle of the clock in mind.

Understandably, this is a highly impossible thing to do in the city with constant work pressure and familial chores to do. And ultimately, you long for some time alone with your better half.

Break the routine and have some fun!

Monotony of the daily life can very easily take a toll on your love life. After all, when you are constantly tired and annoyed by your boss at work, the anger will be taken out on your partner when you talk to them after a long day. So, it becomes imperative that you take some time out every four to six months and go for a vacation with your partner, it does not need to be very expansive, and you don’t need to be a spendthrift for it. Neither should it be time-bound or very cheap. But! It should be a hot vacation. A vacation that leaves with hoards of memories and calls out to you every time you think about some time alone with your partner.

Hot vacations are not very difficult to plan and you dot even need a travel agent for this. Simple ideas can help you turn a bland vacation into a sultry holiday. Let's see how.

1.    Alone time at a nice place

You could settle for a beautiful cottage in the hills where you wake up every morning in each other’s embrace. Or you could book a beach hotel where you talk walks in the moonlight with your partner alone. The plus point being, you can flaunt your hot body in sexy swimwear for your partner to drool at. Anyway, you could always settle for a secluded resort where there is no one to disturb you or worry you about things. And there’s always sexy lingerie to take off and have hot sex!

2.    Dinner & booze

This is an idea which never fails and has the power to rekindle even long-lost romances. If you can, go for a candlelight dinner. And if your pocket allows it, go for a candle-lit dinner at the beach with the cool wind blowing in your face as you enjoy a nice meal. To get things going, you could also call for chilled champagne or a nice wine that can get the mood soaring. The light-headedness and buzz will follow for great sex!

3.    Go for couple activities

If you want to go for a spa vacation, it’s a great idea because these days, there are a lot of couple spa packages that also include couple spas. This way, you get some ‘me’ time too, and you are constantly making fun conversations with your partner too! Not to mention, they get their ‘me’ time as well.

4.    Try newer things

Since you are leaning in on for a hot vacation, this would be the apt time to try new things and be the daring person that you actually are. Show your adventurous side to your partner. Talk to your partner about what they would like in bed accordingly, improvises. For instance, you could experiment with newer positions, without thinking about the mess (because it’s a hotel!). Or you could include sex toys for a much-enhanced version of sex and use sex accessories. The possibilities are endless.

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