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The Uncomfortable Encounter-I: Sinful Desire

The Uncomfortable Encounter-I: Sinful Desire

Sudha had always been a dreamer who cherished life in her own stride. After marrying Rakesh, she had taken it on herself to make his life much more pleasurable than before. Hailing from a small town in sub-urban region of Uttar Pradesh, both were simpleton and loved the small pleasures of life. Their life took a drastic turn when Rakesh got a job in Mumbai and both had to shift to the metro.

For them, it was an experience of a lifetime. Both had spent all of their life in a small town and it took them a while to learn the ways of a big city. After settling down in Mumbai, Sudha, too, found a job to increase the family income. But living in a small town with demanding work schedules had started taking toll of their private life. They hardly found time for the things they enjoyed doing together in their hometown like shopping. Monotony has creeped in slowly in their lifestyle and they hardly had time to share the love they had for each other.

Sudha was worried that if the same continued for a long time, they would start despising each other. She needed to find a way but couldn’t do much as she was new to the city and didn’t had any idea how to plan a special evening for her husband to spark the wavering flame of love. She browsed a couple of websites online and found some really useful blogs about how to become sexually confident, guide to plan a sexy weekend, and lots more.

Now she knew she will have to buy sexy lingerie, hot nighties, teddies and baby doll to spice up their lives. What she didn’t realized that she didn’t had any idea on where to buy such stuff. Sure, there was the internet, but she couldn’t muster enough courage and frankly didn’t believed that the fabric and size will suit her while browsing intimate lingerie online.

She discussed this problem with one of her office colleagues who suggested her some local shops where she could go and buy the stuff. But been brought up in a small city, she felt shy going to shop for lingerie alone without her husband. She couldn’t tell Rakesh about all this because she wanted to give him a surprise. Little did she knew that her desire will lead her to trouble.

But before that, she had to do a lot to create steamy and passionate atmosphere at her home. She couldn’t believe she was being the slave of her sinful desire but it was better to be that than to let everything wade off. She had never been a sexually active partner but she knew Rakesh loved her for what she was. She had never tried being kinky but also knew Rakesh would love this naughty change in their life. All she had to do was to get hold of some kinky wears, naughty babydoll and teddies, but the question remained at large- should she go to a store all alone or should she let her senses prevail.

She decided that the next time she is free from her office, she would go to a swanky and high-end mall with sophisticated lingerie showrooms where ladies assist in shopping for the right lingerie. The next day, after work, she visited one such anchor outlet at a leading mall. She was overwhelmed by the way everything had been presented. She believed that lingerie shopping was a hush-hush affair but it seemed Mumbai had its own quirks and benefits. But she knew she couldn’t buy something openly. She spent a while inside the showroom, window shopping and when a sales executive asked her if she needed some help, she became anxious and left the store without shopping a single piece. She was attractive but not confident enough to do this all by her own.

Now she had to find another way to get sexy lingerie and all this before giving Rakesh a slightest hint about what she had in mind. To know what she did after her being embarrassed at the mall, stay hooked to Kamuklife.com for the next part of the story.




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