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The Uncomfortable encounter-III: A fantastic gift

The Uncomfortable encounter-III: A fantastic gift

After that day, Rakesh pledged to give Sudha more time and vowed in front of her that he will never let her feel alone. If you haven’t read the previous parts read it now: Part-I Part-II.

He had asked for a month’s time from Sudha to bring a change in their lifestyle. She wanted more time and dedication from his side. He loved her with all his heart, so he was committed to make this change. The first grievance Sudha had was that they didn’t had enough time to spend with each other since they came to Mumbai. It was completely true.

While in their hometown, they would spend each evening together- visiting local markets, watching TV together and doing things that they both loved every weekend. Here in Mumbai, he was yet to call himself settled, so he was spending more and more time in the office. This has took away his weekends, too, at times. So, he decided he will not work on weekends and instead spend time exploring the city with his wife.

Secondly, he knew that their sex life has practically become non-existent as both were tired all the time after their hectic schedules. Moreover, he loved Sudha’s idea of spicing up their bedroom time with the help of kinky costumes, hot nighties, sexy lingerie and naughty tools of love. He decided to buy some hot babydoll costumes for her and even thought of gifting kinky teddy costumes, too. After browsing the internet for a while, he came across Kamuklife.com that had everything he needed for an amazing sex life. From valuable tips through Kamuk Blogs to naughty products including babydoll and teddy costumes, it was the hub for everything you need to make your bedroom life amazing. He thought of surprising

He believed now he has started giving attention to her wife, things would soon be better. Of course, he never wanted Sudha to face the embarrassment that she felt from past few weeks again. So, he promised himself to be more considerate towards her desires, too. And he stuck to his promise, too.

In the next few weeks, situation improved drastically at his home. Now he would not spend his weekends toiling at his office. Instead, they both would explore the tourist attractions of Mumbai and at night, after a good outing, they would engage in hot steamy love. Not only this renewed vigor had made them more excited but the introduction of lingerie by Kamuklife in their bedrooms had totally changed how they saw each other. The first time when Rakesh gifted her wife a packet filled with all the kinky stuff, she shied away. But slowly she had taken a liking for Kamuklife’s lingerie and would now order these herself from the website to surprise her husband every now and then.

Everything was changing and it had not been a month since the embarrassing incident after which Rakesh changed his ways. They both were now enjoying more than they were in their hometown. The city gave them much needed freedom from conventions and they would even plan weekend getaways to nearby hill stations and tourist spots.

After about 3 months of endless enjoyment, Sudha broke a happy news to Rakesh. She was pregnant and their joy knew no bounds. Not only both of them wanted this, but it was the right time for them to start a family. They have started to see life in a new light and believed that this soul who would come into their life would make living much more, worthwhile. The next one year for them went in a jiffy and the result of their happiness came in the form of a fantastic gift- their daughter, whom both loved equally.

Though after being parents, they had less time again for each other but now they knew how to spice up their life, thanks to Kamuklife.com. They would routinely enjoy each-other’s company and instead of being a burden, their baby became a strong bond between them that improved their married life, phenomenally.

A simple gesture such as gifting her wife kinky lingerie brought never-ending happiness to Rakesh’s life. What are you thinking? Buy something kinky for your soul mate from Kamuklife.com, today!




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