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The Uncomfortable Encounter-II: An Embarrassing Ordeal

The Uncomfortable Encounter-II: An Embarrassing Ordeal

After being embarrassed thoroughly at a swanky lingerie showroom, Sudha was unable to muster enough courage to go back again. She was desperate to get hold of sexy lingerie but couldn’t understand how she should buy. If you haven’t read the first part of the story, read it here.

After being stressed about the same for about week, she again talked to a friend at her work. She was in her mid-20s and married. The friend told her about a market in Mumbai that was specifically dedicated to sexy lingerie and hot nighties for married women. She took address from her but kept it with her. She was trying to grow courage to visit such a place after the mall fiasco. After about a week, she asked another friend of hers to accompany her to the market, who refused citing some personal work. So, that was it. She had to go there alone. At the same time, she had to make sure that Rakesh does not get idea of everything else he can get furious.

So, one weekend, on the pretext of going to meet a friend, she left home early morning. After struggling with public transport and travelling for more than two hours she reached the market her friend had suggested. Strolling through the streets she could see small dingy shops with low lighting and slutty posters that reeked indecency. She felt quite uncomfortable but thought of giving this a try. After contemplating for about 15 minutes, she squared down on a shop at the corner of the road.

As she entered the shop, a middle-aged man passed a sly smile and asked her how he can be of help. She instantly got a bad vibe but still asked him to show some lingerie sets for herself. He went to the back of the shop and brought some boxes. He started laying out some slutty wears with tacky colors and very skimpy fabric. After about 5-6 pieces, Sudha asked him to stop and requested to show something elegant that looks classy. On this he gave a broad grin and said, “Madam, these things are not to show class but raunchiness.” She became offended and the next moment the shopkeeper started asking more about what size her breasts were and how would she like to be dressed in front of someone in bedroom. His tone and behavior were raw, and it appeared he was trying to make her uncomfortable purposefully.

When she found it hard to save herself from the shopkeepers peeping eyes and dirty comments. She started leaving on which the shopkeeper just held her hand. She was totally taken aback and tried to loosen his grip but he pulled her further inside. He was trying to take him to the back of the shop but somehow she got off his grip and ran outside the shop. The shopkeeper saw her from inside and was giving a broad grin. She immediately left the place and straightaway started her journey back home.

She never thought that Mumbai would treat her that way. She always had heard about the spirit of Mumbai and helpful nature of people here. But this incident shook her to the core and she took a vow to stop looking for sexy lingerie now. She decided to tell Rakesh everything and let him find a solution to their boring and mundane lives here. She gave up and by evening reached home.

Rakesh was there, waiting for her and when he saw tears in her eyes, he came forward and hugged her in a tight embrace. After asking her a million of times, she finally broke up and told him everything that happened to her in the lingerie shop. He was infuriated and demanded to be taken to the same shop. She calmed her down and apologized for trying to be bold. She also confessed how boring their lives have become and she only wanted to add some spice by getting naughty in bed. Rakesh consoled her and made her rest. At night, when they were in bed, he asked her if she was really happy? She replied in affirmative. On this Rakesh asked her to leave everything to him and give him one month for bringing a fresh change to their schedules and even romantic life. She happily agreed to this and that night after weeks, they had a passionate session that both cherished completely. Read how Rakesh transformed their mundane lives and brought passion back in their bedroom lives in the third part. Till then, stay hooked to Kamuklife.com.




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