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The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Hygiene

The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Hygiene

Make sure you and your partner take care of these, and love making will always be a fresh experience.

Having sex is always an enthralling experience. But have you wondered what can make the experience much cleaner and hygienically safe for you and your partner? While you may enjoy a messy affair, it is important to keep some basic hygiene tips in mind for an amazing experience.

Sexual hygiene is much more than keeping your bed sheet clean. It involves being open about your hygiene issues with your partner and a lot’s more. Here are some tips to help you maintain a great hygiene routine:

  • Don’t just wash- Drying is equally important

While you may clean skin in your genital area regularly, you must put equal emphasis on drying out your genitals to avoid chances of itch or irritation. If possible, try to wash up and dry your genitals before an intercourse. This will prevent any infection from spreading. For men, it is important to not let any residue accumulate under the foreskin as it can increase the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

  • Undergarments matter

An unwritten rule that many men tend to ignore is to change your undergarments daily. Not only does it help avoid infections, but keep any odor or irritation away from your intimates. If you are someone who gets involved in a lot of physical activity during the day, you can even make this a twice-a-day routine. Also, make sure that you wear cottons down there for a normal day that helps your skin breathe while for athletic days, you can choose a fabric that absorbs sweat and moisture.

  • Keep a tab through physical examination

It’s always healthy to look down under. Examine your intimates for soreness, redness, warts or anything odd and peculiar. This applies both for men and women as a change in skin color and texture can indicate a serious health issue like an STD or cancer. If you find something out of routine, you should consult a doctor, immediately.

  • Communicate- Listen & understand your partner

Sexual hygiene involves talking about your sexual organs, STDs and health issues. If you are not comfortable to share your opinion with your partner, it’s time to start communicating, now. Start with listening to your partner and slowly start sharing your own thoughts. You should share your thoughts on how you feel about something, using protection and doing something to spice up, when things don’t look so exciting.

  • Make medical checkups a routine activity

Your sexual system is an important part of the body and who’s better to know if you are doing it right than a doctor. While you might not feel the need, it is important to have a physical checkup, at least once during the year. Also, when you talk to your doctor, it is important not to hide anything from the doctor. Tell them about your sexual habits, routine and concerns and even ask for STD tests to make sure everything is just right.

  • Pubic hair isn’t just cosmetic

While many (mostly women) believe that pubic hair makes them unattractive while in bed, they actually serve an important purpose. They protect your genitals from damage, keep them clean & warm. People in recent times have resorted to grooming practices for genitals but it is important not to push your partner to do so. If you want to do something, it is important that you discuss everything in detail with your partner and take the right step.

  • Don’t just write off any hidden damage

During a sexual intercourse, it is normal for skin to tear and bleed due to friction. Though these tears might be microscopic and invisible to the eye, you must understand that they can lead to transmission of STDs. Hence, it is important to use a condom during a sexual intercourse, not for the obvious reasons but even to control the hidden damage.

  • Don’t overindulge your private parts

While cleaning your private parts, don’t just get into using a wide range of cleaners, deodorizers and special agents. Just soap and water is enough for basic cleaning of your genitals. Even soap might not be important for women. Make sure to clean daily and don’t fret about the odor- it is natural and even seductive for sexual partners.

  • Loosen up the grip

For sexual wellness, it is important to choose an underwear and pant with a loose fit. Restrictive movement and high temperature can negatively impact fertility and can increase infections. When you need to support your privates, for example during a gym or athletic session, make sure to clean up well and remove any traces of sweat from your privates. Let them be free and enjoy.

  • Get kinky and explore each other

Sexual partners can and should explore each other’s private parts. Not only does this enhances the seduction quotient but is equally important for hygiene. While you might miss out on redness of skin of any lumps, your partner will help you identify any anomalies, easily. Take out some time in bed to indulge your erotic senses in exploring your partner and stay hygienic.


While this is quite an exhaustive list, we would love to know your views about your personal sexual hygiene practices. At Kamuklife, we promote having safe, enjoyable and naughty moments in bed, but not at the cost of hygiene. Just a reminder, when you are done with your sexual hygiene, order a sexy lingerie from Kamuklife and see how it does wonders for your bedroom life.



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