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Tips for the Perfect Role-Play Act with Your Partner

Tips for the Perfect Role-Play Act with Your Partner


When we say this, believe us; a surprise element has never hurt anyone. We all love surprises and especially when they come from your better half. And, what better way to turn the heat up a little with a surprise! Our brain is a vivid creature at its own. Exceptional and out-of-the-box ideas, fantasies and imaginations are what our brain is best at.  And, when you have saucy, hot ideas to take the level a little further in the bedroom, you better be listening to your head.

Routine and regular sex can get boring and may come across as more of a ritual or a chore than an activity you both enjoy. So, you can bring your mojo back with a little act, we suggest!

Thinking about role-play

Role-play acts have become so popular, you may hear your best friend talk about it. And why not? It’s fun, exhilarating and naughty, all at the same time!

The thought of you and your partner being totally someone else and trying out new ways to get things spicier is provoking in itself. It makes things new, exciting and thrilling that will kick the daunting nights away. You need to bring something new to the bed so that your partner does not feel bored. So, bring that erotica to use, we say! With some hot tips, we let your inner raunchy person come out and try this tonight!

1. Choose your fantasy

Decide on what you want to be for the night. And don’t forget, this includes your partner too. This requires both of you to get into the character. So choose your fantasy.

The most cliché and cheesy get-ups and fantasies include a naked maid, a policewoman, a professor, a doctor and the classic- strangers.

Decide on becoming strangers for the night, meet-up in a bar as strangers, have a drink and head to a room (that you previously book!) for the rest of the night. Yes, inspired by the cheesiest of porn, this never fails.

So choose your profession for the night! And share the details of your idea with your partner. Of course, keep something for a little surprise too, but don’t keep him in dark so that the idea tanks up on you.

2. Outfit

With your get-up decided based on your fantasy, choose the raunchiest lingerie or costume you ever wore! Because hey? That’s what you’re doing it for!

Dress up in a skimpy low cut policewomen’s uniform, or a naked maid with sexy underwear, or better, a doctor with a sheepishly erotic dress underneath your doctor’s coat!

The outfit that you’re going to wear is going to set the mood for the rest of the night and remember, you need to arouse your partner like never before.

So don’t shy away from baring it all!

3. Strip-tease

When you both step into the bedroom, you could just shove him aside and make a show for him for a change. Strip for him and tell him that you’re doing this for him while you’re doing it. It’s sexy and will arouse him, make him sweat and go red; all things that you want, for a change.

Strip-tease is like the perfect role-play act that can never go wrong.

Go smooth, go slow till he just cannot resist it any further, and then give it all in!

4. Set limits and safe words

Things can get too hot and with too much ecstasy and may get too wild that you might not want to go ahead too.

So have a talk with your partner before going all in and set some limitations and boundaries for what you guys are going to do and what you’re leaving off the boundaries.

Bring to the table what you want but also, make sure you bring up what you don’t want. Develop some safe words.

You could set a range of them; like colour wise; white for easy, green for okay, yellow for fine, orange for too much, red for extremely too much and black for the stop.

Or you could make it a yes-no thing, no discussions, if a no, not going further. This will help you make things in accordance to your needs.

5. Have some dirty fun!

What’s a role-play without some dirty fun? Go bold on dialogues and words to make it come alive and look real.

You are going to laugh at it, your partner’s going to laugh at it, it could get a little mushy too but that’s all a part of the plan!

Escape routine and monotony! Remove the boundaries that you had put up, try something new and just leave the ‘what am I doing?’ package out of your bedroom.

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