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The Haute Couture Lingerie Trends for 2016

The Haute Couture Lingerie Trends for 2016

What is haute couture lingerie?

Cute negligée, sheer fabrics, exquisite cuts, shiny finishes, light-reflecting textures; all things attention grabbing- welcome to the world of haute couture lingerie.

An exclusive and luxury set of lingerie, the haute couture lingerie sections are considered the highest form of intimate wear fashion. Right from the sewing threads to the finish, everything is just top class.

Invented by the Europeans in the late 1800’s, these are the custom-made lingerie that is exclusively made for women and are not sold just about anywhere. There is nothing like haute couture lingerie labels, nothing like that exists. But there are lines of haute couture lingerie that are released by big fashion houses and are a rage among high-class women.

Buying haute couture lingerie

Right from selecting the smoothest and luxurious of the fabrics, best suited sewing threads and exquisite silk, tasteful laces and softest of nets, making an haute couture lingerie from scratch requires even months at stretch, experienced and artistic tailors and even experienced designers, where most of the work is done by hand and machines are very rarely brought to use. They are made to order, fit to order and not available in various sizes and designs like the regular lingerie is.

You cannot just run into a store and demand for haute couture lingerie. You need to go to designers for that. Doing this can be quite strenuous, but once you get the end product in your hand, the beauty of it is all worth it.

Haute couture lingerie trends for 2016

1.    Corsets

Corsets are trending piece when it comes to lingerie and what better way to wear a corset than wear an haute couture corset!

Embellished corsets, done with the whole work of little fresh water pearls and lace in the same colour that of pearls is a hit among women who like to wear corsets.

With the back straps fit to size, there is not much hassle and they are easily wearable. Full corsets and half corsets with frills are also doing rounds.

2.    Feather bras

The lingerie industry using feathers is not something unheard of but when haute couture lingerie industry used feathers to customize bras for their fashion show, it became clear that the future of the industry was to soar high with their feathers!

The feathers hand dyed and dried and then sewn into fine combed satin is certainly a delight to watch! The matching stockings complete the look !

3.    Chemises

The Chemise is an uber-comfortable piece of lingerie to sleep in and even bring some fire to the bed! The haute couture lingerie line for chemises released in 2016 have some delicate pieces that will make you swoon over them!

Using sheer fabrics and lace; with the combination of white sheer fabric and jet black lace, exclusive cuts on the neckline have been created that will make you go gaga over them.

From vertical cuts to deep horizontal cuts to even backless chemises, haute couture lingerie has something in store for every women’s desire!

4.    Lacy bras

Nothing beats a sexy lacy bra in a hot colour! Lacy bras have always been a prized part of the haute couture lingerie but have soon been slipping into the regular basic lingerie wear for women. However, the fit never seems to be perfect.

That’s because the seam, the fit, the size, the style and the cut all need to be precise and according to your body; and not just factory made pieces that aren’t custom made.

Haute couture lace lingerie are definitely a 2016 hit among women.

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