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How to surprise your loved one even after years of courtship?

How to surprise your loved one even after years of courtship?

There was a sweet time when you both committed yourself to each other, decided to get together and spend the rest of your life together. The time when one proposed and the other said yes; which was followed by lots of hugs and kisses. Oh, the time!

The time when everything appears rosy than it is and when you are completely head over heels in love with your partner. The beautiful time.

They say, this time will pass sooner than you will realise and you will want more of it. During these years of courtship, you share a lot of things. You get to know each other a lot better and get the hang of being with each other. You know the likes and dislikes of the person pretty well by now and have a decent understanding of how your partner will react to different situations.

This is also the time when you are opening up to each other on the sexual front and are getting to know what happens in the bed between both of you.

Salvage your bedroom life

Anyhow, this is a foreseen fact that after a few years into the courtship, the love life and especially the sex life can begin to die and desperately needs saving. There is nothing wrong with this as this happens with the best of the best couples and has a way to creep into the relationship. Having monotony in the sex life is also very common among young couples who are in the middle of their courtship period.

At this point, you need to sit down and understand that there is a lot more that you can do to salvage your bedroom life with your loved one. And we tell you just how to do it.

1.   Keep the element of surprise alive

This is not a difficult thing to do. By doing this, you keep the spark alive in your relationship and ensure that there always is a surprise to look forward to. Your partner will emotionally be more receptive to you when you gift them with little things that hold deep meaning for you both. It should not necessarily be expensive of jewellery. You could even go to the extent of organizing a surprise evening for you and your partner on a special occasion!

2.   Talk to them

Talking is the best therapy and makes all the confusion and misunderstanding go away. It will bring you closer and with time, this will become a habit. No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure you take out half an hour to forty five minutes every day which is just to talk to your partner. Talk to them about how their day was, or what they did, let them rant about work and talk to them about you both.

3.   Plan short getaways

The best to bring the spice back into your sex life is this. Plan short getaways or simply, weekend getaways. This way, none of you misses work and you get some special moments alone. Make the best of long and extended weekends and go for a long drive and a cosy stay where you could revive your sex life.

4.   Get something kinky

To get back into your A game after so many years, start from the basics. Literally. Pay attention to your lingerie and bring in some new baby doll bras to kink things up. This will make your partner see you in a brand new light and make them feel the hots for you again.

5.   Level up your dressing game

Since you guys are in your courtship period, it is essential that your partner sees you and goes crazy over how hot you look. This plays an important role in them using that sexual tension in the bed to your benefit. Take your dressing up game a level up, especially when you guys are meeting to woo them. But, don’t try too much or too hard as it will kill the mood.


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