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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life When You’re Busy/Exhausted

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life When You’re Busy/Exhausted

Bring the sex back

It’s the 21st century, the era of metro-sexual men and women who are juggling life, work, children, and family; all at once. People have woken up from their slumber of just earning and providing for the family to helping their partners make a family and get food on the table. Work. 24x7. Children. Deadlines. Budget crisis. All day. Every day. We should be awarded for just getting through the day and making it to the bedroom, intact, in one piece.

Among all this, what you don’t even realize is losing the spark in your sex life. It's not something you started for to happen but transgresses as life happens. Unfortunately, yes.

And, as partners, you grow apart as you lose romance in life and sex becomes more of a chore once in a while than a pleasing act that would set off your mood, heighten your spirits and elevate your senses.

But you don’t want that to happen, which goes without saying.

There’s no ‘tomorrow’ for it!

If you have been nodding all along, we reckon you read ahead to spice things up.

There are a lot of small nuances that you can do to add spice to your sex life and bring romance back, in the whole. You’re exhausted, and you need to understand so is your partner; so you need to act like it and take the hold here to bring that spark back.

So put off the “We’ll do it tomorrow” or “not today” comments and get stirring right about now!

We help you out with a few tips for you to bring that oomph back!

1.     The 10-minute rule

Yes, we get it. Exhaustion is killing us all. And you wouldn’t feel like all sex at the first thought, given *you’re tired*. So try the 10-minute rule with your partner. Give it the first 10 minutes. All 10 minutes.

You will see that the intimacy has led to kissing, that has, in turn, resulted in touching and grabbing, which will make you want more from each other, releasing the feel-good hormone, Oxytocin. So unless you try with all your being, you wouldn’t get anywhere. So get in the bed and take the bull by its horns!

2.     Why only sexual intercourse?

Ditch the route of sexual intercourse for a little while. It's not just plain sex that’s binding you and your partner together. In fact, ditching everyday sex can be the best thing that would happen to you in that time. Take up new exciting things.

Engage in oral sex; which would be new (so you wouldn’t feel bored to death), interesting and the very best, takes up less of your time. It will be fun and you can have amazing moments with your partner without compromising on your sex life!

3.     Use opportunity

You need to realize that you’re not too occupied always and need to make windows for the time that you have to make the best out of it. It could be out of the blue holidays off from work or that extended weekend that you both could take off and use the time.

No kids, no job, nothing. Just a weekend or even a day’s off with your partner to sex-up your life and be the boss of it.

4.     The Quickie

Learn the art of quickie. And mostly, perfecting the art of parenting is to master ‘The Quickie’, without disturbing your children’s schedules or taking the entire day off for sex. Believe us, it's more fun than what you had been doing earlier!

The thrill of doing a quickie is enough to set you off. So what are you even waiting for? Get out of here and go for it just about right now!

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