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Spice up your Sex Life with Striptease and Seductive Indian Lingerie!

Spice up your Sex Life with Striptease and Seductive Indian Lingerie!

Undoubtedly, all men have this one dirty fantasy. You ask what? It’s his woman decked up in a sexy dress and stripping to unravel the seductive lace lingerie underneath. But is a striptease all about arousing him or giving him a good show? Not at all! The expression you’ll discover in his eyes will make you yearn for him all the more. Why not bring in more pleasure to your nights in the white satin sheets!

Spicing up your sex life is about understanding and doing what drives your man crazy. Though a turn-on and other fantasies can differ, there’s one thing that’s common for all men. Men have a visual appetite. They enjoy a variety of visual stimulations even more than the touch. All you need to do is to go an extra mile to bring his fantasies to reality. See things go wild between you and him as every single piece of cloth on your body falls to the ground.

But as that goes, you must be willing to learn a few new tricks too. Give them a shot for a steamy night ahead. ? ?

Foreplay Begins During the Day

You don’t have to wait for him to get back home, to begin your game. Tease him. Give him a little glimpse of what he’s going to get when he returns home. You don’t have to give out everything. Just hint that you two are going to have a steamy night in bed. Maybe send him a little peek-a-boo of the sexy lace lingerie you plan to wear. Just a little corner, though. (Well, that’s going to give him a really tough time concentrating at work.)

Just initiate. Tell him that you want him as much as he wants you.

Learn Those Moves Lady!

Go online and have a look at some videos. You can surely learn some hip hop moves from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. And, he’ll absolutely enjoy as you twist and turn for him, giving him a view of every angle. Why not turn it into an eye – popping experience for him!

Reinvent Not Just the Moves but Yourself Too.

You must have caught him sneaking a look at the brunette you crossed, at the street. Not his fault entirely. Men love variety. Maybe, you could consider reinventing yourself too. Dye your hair; try on some new makeup or just erotic costumes. This will not only be enjoyable for him but you too, as you role play your way into seducing him. Of course, some sexy Indian lingerie beneath the naughty nurse costume will seal the deal anyway!

The Rule of Three T’s! – What on Earth is that?

Well, stripping is not rocket science darling. All you need to take care is about its core elements. Stripping can be an absolute tool for seducing him and making him go weak in the knees. All you need to remember is what it is made up of. And that is – Tempting, Teasing and Tantalizing. Flirt, walk to and fro in the room, gyrate your body in open crotchless panties and flick your hair. Just remember – he does NOT touch you until you allow him to. (That’ll surely drive him wild with desire for that single touch!)

Tie Him Up! – Like Really.

Lay down the rules. Take a scarf or handcuffs and tie him. Make it clear that even if he can, he is not allowed to free himself. (Maybe, you could tell him that you’ll sleep in the other room if he does that. That will ensure he doesn’t cheat! – After all, he doesn’t want you, all decked up in sexy lingerie sleeping even an inch away from him.)

Steal his shirt…

The sexiest way is to get hold of his oversized shirt and wear just sexy lace panties underneath. That grabs attention more than anything and he’ll be salivating for you at first sight.

Tease, tease and tease!

Play a little tease with him. Tell him that while you may touch him, he’s not allowed to touch you. It’s your time to play wild. Let only his eyes and imagination roam all around and over you. Sway your hips until he can’t just bear to only watch you without breaking all the rules and ravaging your body.

Keep the lights on

Don’t switch off the lights. Instead, bring in some dimmer lights. Your room must neither be too bright nor too dim. Play with the seductive and sexy ambiance.

Be that aggressive one for a change. Ravage him when you’re finally together after the long, long day. Make him feel wanted and bed will never be the same old boring place again!

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