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ARE YOU SHY? Tips to open up on your honeymoon

ARE YOU SHY? Tips to open up on your honeymoon

Honeymoon is indeed the most special time that a person can experience in a lifetime. But most of the couples tend to make this time slip away because of their inherent shyness and fear of being judged. If you are one of those persons who are skeptical about opening up on a honeymoon because of your introvert nature, don’t worry, we have some great tips to make this time the best time of your life.

Indulge in kinky indoor games like truth and dare

Truth and dare can really become the icebreaker in your relationship. If you have married without knowing your partner much, then this can be a great way to start knowing your partner by shooting some interesting questions at them. Also, you can choose to pump up spirits by daring your partner to try out some kinky stuff. How about daring your wife to try out baby doll nighties for you?

You can even choose to try strip poker with your husband in the hotel room on your honeymoon. Do not forget to buy a baby doll dress online and wear it while you start a naughty game session to open up with your partner.

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Get Tipsy on Some French Wine

Being sober is for boring singles. When you are on a honeymoon, you have the right to get high and do something naughty that you have never thought of trying while in your senses. You can choose to try out some French wine with your partner and when it takes over your senses, you can choose to loosen up and give your partner the charge of things. This will help you loosen up a bit without worrying about the taking the right course of action. Just enjoy the sensations that you will feel after you and your partner choose to lie down in bed after a great wine session.

Intimate lingerie sets are a hit among shy people

If you are still afraid of doing anything, stop acting and let your curves do the talking. Choose an intimate lingerie or babydoll dress online for yourself and strip in front of your husband. Not only will it rouse his senses, but also will ensure a smooth flow of actions that will surely help you shed your shyness and get into the act easily.


Never again will you be able to experience the newfound passion like you will experience at a honeymoon. So, do not waste the chance, stock up for your honeymoon and try these tips to make honeymoon the sexiest time of your life.

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