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Sex from the eyes of a sexologist- Great advice for a healthy sex life

Sex from the eyes of a sexologist- Great advice for a healthy sex life

Enjoying an active sex life is the dream of every couple. While sex is a great entertainment, it can turn out to become tiring and monotonous, too. A sexologist specializes in various aspects of sexual relationships and can help you revive the lost passion with his advice. If you need some sexual advice to pump up your sexual life, continue reading this blog.

Sexologists recommend having an open conversation with your partner regarding sex. Your desires, fantasies as well as things you despise. Also, there are many clear-cut tips by top sexologists that can help you in developing a healthy sex life with your partner. These include:

  • Stop watching porn

It is a common notion among couples that watching porn will add to the sexual excitement. But sexologists recommend that as a couple you should abstain from watching porn. Porn increases your expectations from sex and in turn make you disappointed about your own sexual life. Born out of fantasies, port is mostly unrealistic, making you feel bad about real life sex with your partner.

  • Try new and exciting things

If your sex life is not getting better, sexologists recommend spicing things a bit with something new in bedroom. You can choose to try out new positions, sex accessories, sexy lingerie, or costumes. Try your hands at crotchless panties or a cosplay costume to see how it impacts your partner’s libido. Keep experimenting to keep the passion alive and keep surprising your partner for heightened passion, every night.

  • Spend time… just do not focus on getting into the act

One major problem with couples is that they think sex is all about the final act. Sexologists recommend couples who are suffering from a bad sexual phase to start spending time on foreplay, kissing and touching each other. This will not only increase the pleasure and excitement but will also help you to see your partner in new light and enjoy sex better.


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