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Selecting the Right Lingerie For Plus Size Women to Enhance Their Curves

Selecting the Right Lingerie For Plus Size Women to Enhance Their Curves

Celebrating real bodies!

People who say plus size women are fat need to be transported to a scary island, forever. No woman is fat!

It’s just a mentality people have created. And more so, making the situation worse is how industries, especially textile industries, including that of lingerie have only been manufacturing apparel for model-size women we see on covers of Cosmopolitan and Elle, & NOT for real women with real curves, real flesh and real bodies; which is a sad story.

Body shaming has become a trend for people with naturally endowed and naturally blessed bodies. What most people don’t realise is, having a plump body is no one’s fault, really, but genes.

And, it can get really disappointing for a woman when she goes into a store and sees the perfect garment for her but comes to know that last size they had was a 10.Or worse, they have your size, but not in the colour and the style that you would want.

The question- why should a woman have to compromise with what she should be wearing solely on the basis of her waist?

The changing era for plus size women

The same question has numerous times been asked to lingerie industries and lingerie manufacturers.

Which is why the trend seems to change slowly and steadily and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, well, soon.

Apparel manufacturers, especially the websites are coming up with special lines for plus size, curvy women.

This includes the likes of lingerie industries and lingerie websites too. Plus size lingerie is being made available at the click of a button so you no longer have to be embarrassed when the size runs out of the store shelves.

And, not only just being made available, plus size lingerie is coming out in beautiful colours, sexy styles and unimaginable intricacies and trinkets. However, picking one can be a gruesome task, especially because people will look at you like you’re fat, well, you’re not!

Have some confidence in yourself because you’re a Goddess and take a look at the tips to choose the right plus size lingerie for you.

1. Picking nice teddy lingerie

Earlier, the sizes that came out in bras were so small that larger women could do nothing. And, if they were lucky enough to find big sizes, they got it in granny whites, beiges or gaudy flowery patterns.

But those are the day’s bygone. These days, you have plus size lingerie coming up in different colours and styles that you cannot even imagine. You’ve got entirely new brands coming up for plus size lingerie that promotes plump women and celebrates womanhood.

Pick teddy lingerie to make yourself feel amazing as you slip into it as the evening sets and you might just as well get lucky in the bedroom!

2. Wear corsets

Corsets are like the best friend a plump woman can have. They have been around since the time brassiere was not. And so, it is a tried and tested formula that corsets are the best when it comes to great fitting.

Not only do corsets give you a nicer and fuller bust they also suck up the extra flabs from around the corners of waist and chest that you might feel is unwanted and above all, it makes the overall figure look full and curvy; desirable we say!

3. Nightwear

Tout to wearing flowy chemises with pleats that have deep cuts or are loose enough to let you breathe. These will not only hide the extra unwanted flab but also make your waist look slimmer, right where it is cinched and give you a more elongated frame.

4.    High waist briefs

Chuck out the little low waist panties that make you look flabby and all bad things. Instead, invest in good-quality high waistbriefs that shape your waist and tummy too.

Low waist underpants will only look like flabs are trying to escape your clothes.

5. Bustier

Wearing a bustier might just be what you need. Bustiers are fit for plus size women who want to look sexy and admirable at the same time, without looking too plump. They cover the parts that you wish to hide and make you look curvy. Perfect for special nights too, we say!

And, don’t forget to wear that smile in case you forgot! Remember how plus size model Ashley Graham said in her Ted Talk, “You are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful.”

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