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What do you see in this image? Did you see this coming?

What do you see in this image? Did you see this coming?

Advertisers come up with creative advertisements all the time to attract the attention of target audience, just like this advertisement. An unsuspecting mind would just perceive the above image as an advertisement of some hot lingerie with a sexy lady wearing a thong.

But in reality this is an advertisement of high heels. Look again now once we told you the secret. You can see the heels now clearly that these are heels with a sole of a women’s feet and not the back of a curvaceous lady wearing a bra and a thong.

The illusion is all about human perception. An adult’s mind is trained to recognize a curvaceous body in an instant. Also, a proven scientific theory proves that human mind is genetically structured to identify the human body in a breath. Also, men have an eye for curves and this was why you saw the curvaceous body instead of high heels.

Let us know your views about this illusion and if you love to see curves, buy kinky stuff from kamuklife.com.

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