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What to reveal and what not at the beginning of dating period?

What to reveal and what not at the beginning of dating period?

Falling in love is never a planned action. You meet people, date them and start a relationship in the hope to find lifelong love and happiness. But not every person you date is worth your time. That is why you must never be enthusiastic and completely into someone right from the beginning.

When you begin dating with someone, it is better not to reveal everything about yourself while keeping someone interested in you. Not every person you end up meeting will stay with you for life. So, instead of giving him an idea about the weak points in your personality, you should try to observe and know him better. During the starting period, you should be very choosy about what to tell and what not. If you are not sure, do not worry, we will help you by guiding about what to reveal and what not.

Never reveal your insecurities

When you begin to date someone, you are not quite sure about the kind of person he is. So, instead of totally relying on him and making him your emotional support, you should focus on understanding if he is worth trusting. You should at no point reveal your insecurities to the person you have just started dating. Not only will it give him an emotional leverage to use but also can turn him off.

You should first focus on building trust and see if he is worth sharing your fears, goals, aspirations. In case things don’t work out between you two, you will never regret anything except for the time invested in him.

Never try to show your clingy side

Being attached is a good thing and spending maximum time together is a great idea when you start dating. But you must stay wary of shooing him away because of your extremely clingy behavior. Though it is good to give a hug or two, being extremely clingy to the person you have just met shows desperation and can give wrong signals.

So, maintain your dignity by being in limits, at least to a point where you know the person is trustworthy and you can continue being in a relationship with him.

Always try to be bold and interesting

In a fast-paced world of tinder dating, no one likes being bored. If you have just started dating a guy, you must keep him well entertained and interested in you. You can keep him interested by your bold behavior and interesting conversations. This will ensure that he looks forward to meeting you again and again.

This will also give you an opportunity to understand the kind of personality he possesses. You will understand if he is a conversation lover or he likes to get into some bold acts.


Whatever you do, make sure that a date well spent can be the start of a lifelong relationship. By keeping the above pointers in mind, you can just begin your romantic journey and get smitten by the right person.



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