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Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-III: The Rainy & Seductive Night

Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-III: The Rainy & Seductive Night

Spending a naughty evening with Smita Bhabhi has pumped up Ram’s spirit to a great level. He was curious to know what the special treat was. If you haven’t read the previous parts, read it here: part-I & part-II.

As a young man with several fantasies, he was brimming with excitement at the prospect of spending a hot and happening day with a diva like Smita Bhabhi. Though no one would have thought about her as a sexual object, but Ram had turned her into a lustful sexy Bhabhi into his mind. He had been successful in showing his interest and she was equally interested in making love to him.

While he was eagerly waiting for Sunday, Smita, too wanted to take the maximum benefit out of this opportunity. After a long time, he had found a hungry man who was interested in her. She had long waited for this moment and to make it more special, she took her prized lingerie collection that she had purchased from www.kamuklife.com. She had different kinds of sexy lingerie, hot nighties and honeymoon lingerie which, she was sure, would make Raj mad for her. She had been successful in seducing him by getting dressed in a sexy hot nighty when he last visited. Now she had to take this forward.

Sunday came, and Ram was really looking forward to meeting Smita. The sky was overcast, and it appeared as if it would rain heavily. He had no problem in freely moving in and out of his relative’s house. He took a leave in the afternoon and announced that he would be spending the night at a friend’s place. He carefully entered the adjoining flat of Smita Bhabhi who had already kept the door open.

Now that he was here in her flat, his emotions and fantasies were once again on the rise. He wanted to get the real action but patiently waited in the hall. Smita Bhabhi had asked him to stay in the hall and keep calm till the time she doesn’t appear out of her bedroom.

Though he was very impatient, he thought it would be a wise idea not to ruin her mood. So, he chose to relax at the couch. The same couch where they had kissed and made out the day before yesterday. In about an hour, Smita Bhabhi called him from inside the bedroom. He was now sweating all over and slowly moved to the bedroom door. As he flung the door open, he found her sexy Bhabhi in a hot red teddy lingerie, playing wildly on the bed and signaling him to join her.

This was more than a signal for him and he jumped on the bed without any warning. He grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her deeply. Her bedroom was prepared seductively with fragrant candles and an ambient light setting. Rain had started to pour that was visible from the windows of the room. But the real action was happening on the bed. Ram and Smita were completely engrossed and were passionately kissing each other.

Smita asked her if he liked the way she was dressed. He replied with a deep kiss on her shoulder and asked her to stay dressed this way till the time he was here. He really loved the way she allowed him to explore her body. Though she was older than him, he was completely dominating her, and she liked the way she handled her.

The whole environment inside Smita’s bedroom was now completely erotic. After an energetic lovemaking session, they were relaxing in each other’s arms and they realized that the day has faded into night. They were happy to have spent a beautiful moment together. But at the same time, Smita was anxious about the future. She asked Ram what he had thought about the future to which he smilingly replied that he loves being in the present. This statement gave Smita much-needed confidence as she didn’t want to complicate things. For the first time in life, she was enjoying, and she wanted things to remain the same. She didn’t want Ram to have impractical ideas. She found out that he was also here with her for some no-strings attached fun. Their rendezvous continued for the next two years after which Ram shifted to another city. Ram had found a sexy Bhabhi and had made the best out of the opportunity.

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