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Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-II: The Naughty Signal

Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-II: The Naughty Signal

The evening with Smita Bhabhi was turning out to be quite pleasurable for Ram. For the starters, she had chosen to dress up in a sensual hot nighty. Moreover, she was eager to play a warm host that evening. If you haven’t read the first part, read it here.

Ram knew she was a hottie from the moment he saw her but that evening made him confident that she was nothing short of a bombshell. He despised himself for not paying much heed to her when they first met and thought of making it up to her by getting close. He was a young professional with practically no love life and being in close vicinity to a young lady was making him aroused. Still, he believed he should not run into anything to make her cautious.

So, he thought of proceeding slowly and started talking about general affairs and how she manages so many things at once. He was trying to flatter her by appreciating her on everything. Right from how she has become independent to her social work. He wanted to strike a chord with her so that they can get more moments like this together.

He was surprised how open Smita Bhabhi was turning out to be. If he hadn’t met her before and known her, he would have easily written her off as some sex-starved neighborhood sexy Bhabhi. But in his erotic fantasies, he would never mind that, too. In fact, he was loving frank conversation with Bhabhi.

After talking for about an hour, Smita asked him directly if he had a girlfriend. When he told her that he had not have much luck with girls, there was a naughty smile on Smita’s face. She told her not to be disappointed as he would get loads of chances now that he is close to her. The spontaneous comment gave him a lot of wild ideas, but he chose to remain subtle.

But, he had a plan in mind. He first needed to understand if her sexy Bhabhi was really interested in him or was just toying around. So, he started conversation on a slightly hot topic and asked how many boyfriends she had before she was married and if she was seeing someone now. She blushed slightly and asked her not to judge her for any of her life decisions. She told her how hard life has been on her and how her husband didn’t love her much. She was dejected at this point on which Ram leapt her hand ahead and placed it softly on her shoulder. Instantly, she broke off and started sobbing while grabbing Ram and hugging him lightly placing her head on his chest.

Ram was taken aback by her sudden movement but was excited at the same time. He brought her into a warm embrace and clasped his hands around her. They were now hugging and from the looks of it, it appeared that Smita was enjoying the embrace. She had stopped sobbing now but was not loosening her grip on her or trying to break the embrace. Ram was equally loving the sensation. He had been in a few relationships in the past, but he had never been lucky when it came to physical intimacy.

He believed this hug to be the first success of his plan and was now determined to take his plan forward. He broke the embrace and asked Smita to sit down and just relax. He didn’t just give her space but leapt close by on the couch, giving her shoulder to lean on. Gradually, she was relaxing in his embrace again on the sofa and he was slowly caressing her silky-smooth hair. When he found she was totally relaxed, he asked if she longed for someone’s company in life?

She looked her into eyes and replied in positive. She told her how she had always desired to have someone strong in her life but have never been successful. She wanted to be loved but instead suffered the ridicule of the society. All this made Ram a bit sympathetic towards her. In the emotionally charged moment, he took a bold step and leapt forward to give a passionate kiss on her lips. He was a bit scared but believed he had to make a move but surprisingly, she didn’t stop him. Instead, she reciprocated the kiss with equal vigor. Ram knew that his signal to start a steamy relationship has hit the right target and that evening they made out right there on the couch. In the end, his sexy Bhabhi confessed that she loved how passionately he had treated her and asked her to come on Sunday for a special treat.

Read what special surprise Smita Bhabhi has planned for Ram and how their passionate love bloomed in the next part of the story. Till then, stay tuned to Kamuklife.com.


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