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Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-I: Getting to Know Her

Rendezvous with Sexy Bhabhi-I: Getting to Know Her

Living as a widowed lady in Indian society is not an easy task. At every step, people look at you like you are a curse and make your life pathetic. I have been facing this behavior since my husband died 3 years back. Moreover, as I am young people keep tabs on my behavior and life. They feel I am the right gossip material as I live alone in a respectable society and earn myself. A lot of ladies around even questioned my character when they found I am not willing to marry for the second time.

But this is the part and parcel of living alone after being widowed. No one remembers that I am also a human with normal desires and wishes. To overcome criticism, I thought of being involved in social work. I began organizing social gatherings, associated with NGOs and took active part in every social event in my locality. This helped my image to a great level but still people kept out of my way whenever possible.

Then there were my neighbors, an old couple who had always treated me like their daughter. They have made my life bearable with their pleasantries and noble gestures. I never thought that they would become the reason for my existence. But I had a surprise waiting for me the next time I visited their home. I was introduced to Ram, a 25-year-old boy who was their relative’s son and would live with them while working in an MNC. It was good to meet an able man with good etiquettes after a long time. I had never thought of dating after my husband and that has kept me away from men for long. Meeting Ram was like flow of new energy in my life.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and he started calling me Smita Bhabhi. I had never been called Bhabhi because my husband didn’t have a younger brother. He looked cute, but I noticed he was masculine, too. His shapely body gave me a few chills and I began imagining things that I had never done for quite some time. Anyway, the meeting went uneventful and I asked him to stay in touch while he is here. I had no idea about his thoughts about me but was glad I would be having a young man close by.

While Smita was happy to meet Ram, Ram, on the other hand, was not much keen on meeting her. He didn’t pay heed to whatever Smita said and was least interested in her social work. But despite the aversion, somewhere he was attracted to her body. The thought of her being her Bhabhi made his heart skip a beat. He had heard from friends and read naughty sexy bhabhi tales in India but was sure nothing such would happen to him. Still, he thought of staying in touch with Smita Bhabhi. She was young- about 32, single (widowed) and could be a good company as he was new in town and didn’t have a female friend. He was counting his options if not mesmerized by the friendly nature of sexy neighbor Bhabhi.

In the next few days, they met several times in the society compound, lift or in the nearby areas. Smita invited him to her apartment for a cup of tea on the weekend. Though she kept distance from other society members, she was attracted towards Raj as he was young, and she knew he would not judge her. It had been a long while when she had enjoyed the company of a young man.

So, on Sunday afternoon, Raj gave a knock on her apartment door. She was relaxing at that time in a hot nighty that seemed quite revealing but she decided not to change as she didn’t feel like. On opening her door, she found Ram waiting for her and he quickly entered her apartment. She noticed hesitation in her eyes and asked Ram to be comfortable and don’t mind her dress. She also asked if she should change if this one is making him uncomfortable to which Raj replied in negative. He was now mesmerized by her beauty- her milky smooth skin, her shapely bosom and that was the time he realized she is alone and might need some other kind of company. He was ready to start an exciting relationship and knew by the end of this evening, he would initiate a new chapter in his life.

Read how Ram managed to give her a hint and how their naughty love streamed in the next part. Till then stay tuned to Kamuklife.com



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