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Remixing the Wedding Vows-I: The Plan

Remixing the Wedding Vows-I: The Plan

Rajeev and Surbhi had been married for more than a decade. Over the years, they had faced many ups and downs in life and now they had settled into a comfortable life. While Rajeev had successfully taken care of his career and upbringing of the family, Surbhi had been an ideal wife and mother, taking care of household chores and the children. They were a happy family with lots of pleasant memories. But, like every relationship, theirs also suffered from monotony. Though they loved each other a lot, but of late, they had started to become less active in bed.

Both, in an endeavor to fulfill their responsibilities, have forgotten the love they had for each other. Their desires and fantasies had taken a back seat. Rajeev missed their romantic life but also knew they cannot turn their back at their responsibilities. At the same time, Surbhi had even stopped stressing upon the need for romantic outings, special celebrations, etc. as she knew they both now had a family to take care of.

Their fifteenth anniversary was around the corner and both of them had not even discussed anything about making the occasion special. One evening while Rajeev was browsing their old pictures, he remembered how both joked during the early years of marriage to take a second honeymoon when their children grow up. Instantly, an idea clicked his mind. For long, he had wanted to rejig and add spice to their relationship. Now was his chance.

In the next few days, he plans for a secret wedding ceremony high up in the snow-clad mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Everything he did was supposed to be a secret as he wanted to surprise Surbhi on their anniversary. He believed that they had given a large part of their life to their family and now was the time to celebrate the relationship that they had cherished for more than 15 years. Naughty as he was, he had planned for a remixed affair where the traditional vows will be replaced by some dirty vows to keep the passion alive and steaming for the rest of the life.

He had always wanted his wife to stay sexy and dress up seductively. So, he made sure that post the wedding ceremony, they would take a second honeymoon where her wife would only wear sexy lingerie, hot nighty or teddy costumes. He had arranged for a lone cottage away from the population so they can enjoy some quality time alone.

He knew if he would announce his plan to his wife right now, she would deny doing such things and give the excuse of children or home. So, he talked his sister-in-law into it by saying that they needed some time for vacation on their anniversary and she agreed to take care of children while they were not here. So, with everything in his mind and plans on the roll, he began thinking about all the amazing things they would do together on their anniversary. He wanted to make the moment special and he knew nothing would make her wife happy than finding her husband truly, madly, deeply in love with her even after 15 years of marriage.

To make everything possible, he knew he would have to shop for some kinky stuff, naughty costumes and sexy lingerie. At the same time, he had to ensure that her wife does not get an idea about his plan. After a few hours of online research, he found www.kamuklife.com to choose from the best collection of naughty and sexy lingerie, hot teddy and honeymoon lingerie just like he wanted. He ensured that the website delivered in discreet packaging and ordered a few pairs for their second honeymoon. He had exactly 1 month for the whole plan and finding best lingerie pieces was a great start. Once he was done with these, he made arrangements and booked for their sexy escapade.

Now all he had to decide were the naughty wedding vows. He needed something really kinky to make her wife blush and had a few ideas. But before that he decided to take care of a few more things. In a couple of days, he had planned everything and now he was ready for the grand naughty vows.

Read the next part to find out about Rajeev’s naughty wedding vows and how he managed to convince his wife to take this naughty step together. Stay hooked to Kamuklife.com, till then.



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