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Remixing the Wedding Vows-III: The Great Relief

Remixing the Wedding Vows-III: The Great Relief

Rajeev’s plan of changing the wedding vows and enjoying a second honeymoon alone worked wonders for their relationship. Surbhi thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent in the cottage with her husband. If you haven’t read the first two parts, read both the parts (part-I, part-II) before proceeding ahead.

After the naughty wedding affair that Rajeev arranged, they both enjoyed each other’s company for the next 3 days. Every day, Rajeev kept reminding her of the naughty vows they had taken together. He asked her to oblige to them always. Rajeev had saved a few sexy lingerie sets for her that he gifted her the same night after the ceremony and they ended up having steamy and passionate action in bed.

Three days passed in the blink of eye and it was time for them to go back to their routine lives- home, office, children and responsibilities. Rajeev feared that going back to the same life will make their lives mundane but Surbhi promised her that she would never let him feel miserable, now. She had understood very well how much her husband craved for her. Every single vow that he made her take together had the raw craving that Rajeev used to show in the initial years of marriage. He had taken a step to renew the lost spark in their marriage and she was determined to not let his efforts go in vain.

By now Surbhi had memorized all those wedding vows well. She just had to make things work, accordingly. One thing she knew with certainty that her husband like kinky and naughty stuff even more now. So, she thought of restocking her wardrobe with the most sensual and exotic honeymoon lingerie, sexy costumes and hot teddy lingerie. She knew about Kamuklife.com and ordered a couple of dresses and lingerie sets for herself. Rajeev had taken the initiative now it was her turn to reciprocate. So, the following weekend, she planned of sending the kids over to their friends so that she can give her husband everything he had been desiring for. It was the least she could do after all this.

So, when Rajeev arrived Friday evening and found out her wife dressed up seductively in a red hot teddy, he knew she had been a sport. Things would surely be better now and he would not have to feel sexually frustrated. That night ended up being one of the most intimate nights in 15 years of their marriage life. They had been toying with each other till early hours of the morning and it was then Rajeev revealed why he made her take the wedding vows.

He told how he saw her working day in and out and was afraid that they would end up being just like other couples. He said he loved her beyond anything and didn’t want the love to fade. He also revealed how frustrated he had become of late because of all his duties and how both had become unavailable for each other. But he was happy now that she had decided to be on the same page. On everything he blurted out, Surbhi said that she never wanted him to become chained to this life. She wanted him to be carefree and now she will always be there to support him mentally, emotionally and physically. All of this was a great relief for Rajeev who had been feeling burdened and chained for quite a while.

Now that the dust had settled between them, they became happier and more contended in their lives. Rajeev’s love for their children returned in the same magnitude now that his physical needs were met properly. He could have been said to possess a sane mind once again and was happy that his plan worked. They now often took vacations, enjoyed like rabbits in bed and were envied by couples who were half of there age. Who said love don’t happen twice? Rajeev proved that love can happen as many times as a person wants with the same person. There is only the need for conviction to make things work.

This was how Rajeev and Shalini rediscovered happiness in their marital life. If you had been thinking about spicing things up too, we can help. Browse through our website and choose a naughty attire to surprise your love one today and keep reading Kamuk Tales at Kamulife.com.



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