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Remixing the Wedding Vows-II: The Naughty Vows

Remixing the Wedding Vows-II: The Naughty Vows

Rajeev has been brainstorming for more than 3 days but was not able to come up with some exciting wedding vows for their second marriage that he was planning. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, read it now.

Despite channelizing his thoughts towards every kinky stuff, he had seen in his life, he was not able to create 7 naughty vows that he wanted to take with his wife. Not wasting more time, he thought of spending the next night writing everything he felt due to the monotonous life they were living. So, when everybody retired and his wife too slept. He started scribbling his feelings on an empty piece of paper. He wrote how he loved cuddling his wife and how amazing he felt by her soft touch. By the end of this writing exercise he was clear about his vows.

He didn’t need something lavishly kinky but some cute vows that would revive their relationship. At the same time, he wanted her wife to feel the naughtiness when he announced those vows. On the last page of his diary, he started scribbling the naughty vows. Carefully, he tore the piece of paper and hid it in his wallet as he knew Surbhi would never check the same.

He was quite satisfied with the writing session and peacefully retired to the bed. The next part of the plan was to announce the secret but he had to make sure that his wife does not have slight inkling of whatever he planned. Meanwhile, he received all the kinky stuff including sexy lingerie and hot nighties that he had ordered from Kamuklife.com in the past week. Hiding this stuff was quite a challenge but he managed to keep everything inside his work desk at home.

His wedding anniversary was due in 20 days and he thought that no time will be perfect than this. So, after returning from office, he told his wife that as a good gesture, his office has booked them a vacation on their anniversary at a quaint hillside resort in Himachal. She was elated at this news but when Rajeev announced that they cannot take children with them, she turned quite sad. Just as he planned, the phone rang the other second with her sister on the line. When Surbhi told her about the vacation and children, she delightfully said that she would take care of the children. Rajeev had prepared her well. Now that children were taken care of, they both were ready for the trip.

Throughout the journey, Rajeev didn’t disclose anything about the location and resort even on persistent questions by Surbhi. He asked her to stay patient and enjoy the view. By the evening, they had crossed the crowded towns and hillside had done the charm on Surbhi. As the clock struck 8, they had reached their destination. On asking Rajeev about the resort, he showed her a comfortable cabin atop a hill and said it will be the celebration spot for their 15th anniversary. With a great view of the hills and pleasurable climate, she completely enjoyed everything. They both slept peacefully later at the cottage but Rajeev had to make sure about the arrangements, so he woke up early the next day.

When Surbhi woke up the next morning, she saw the hall decorated like a mandap with arrangements for a wedding ceremony. She asked Rajeev about all that and Rajeev said, “Will you marry me again my love?” Tears rolled down her eyes out of happiness and she said yes.

Rajeev said that there is something special waiting for her in her wardrobe and asked her to get dressed, soon. On opening the wardrobe, she found a note with a package. The note read, “To the sexiest lady I have ever met… with a quote from a cheesy novel” she instantly giggled and found out a hot red sexy nighty with equally honeymoon lingerie. She knew how Rajeev’s mind ran and dressed up in the same lingerie. As she approached Rajeev in the hall, Rajeev was swept off feet. He had seen her in lingerie after a long time and wanted to cherish the memory. He handed over a paper to her and said he had remixed the original wedding vows with some creativity. She took and read the paper instantly. It read:

We both will always be ready to go down on each other


Whenever alone, we will dress sexily, just as we are now


We will always talk dirty while having sex


We will encourage role play


Whenever bored, we will watch porn together


We will make bedroom life more exciting with sex toys


When on plane together, we will not forget to stay an active member of mile high club


All these wedding vows made her giggle loudly and she happily recited the same with Rajeev together. She knew she is in for a dirty ride tonight and for the rest of her life and felt happy that her husband still cherished her body.

Read what happened next when they come back in their routine life and if they manage to abide by the naughty vows in the next part. Till then stay hooked to Kamuklife.com


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