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Pursuing Happiness Amidst All The Stress: These 3 Things Are What You Need!

Pursuing Happiness Amidst All The Stress: These 3 Things Are What You Need!

In this day and age of gizmos where everything is at the tap of a button or a mere click away, we are slowly becoming a generation that wants instant gratification. People are constantly on-the-go and grappling with competition in every sphere of their lives, trying to outpace others. Often, finding a work-life balance becomes a challenge and stress levels continue to mount.

With our lives becoming so hectic and stressful, finding an inlet of peace becomes important to stay grounded and happy, especially for couples. But how do you find that happiness amidst all the stress?

How do you bypass the anxiety and rising blood pressure levels when everything is bogging you down? Do these situations resonate with you? If yes, then here are three things you need in your pursuit of happiness.

  1. Keep calm, don’t stress – do couple’s yoga!

The best way to destress is indulging in any form of physical activity, such as going for a morning walk, yoga, or any other sport. When you do yoga, the pituitary gland produces endorphins. This hormone is instrumental in creating a euphoric feeling and inhibits any pain signals.

What happens is that when you are doing yoga, your mind is decluttered and thoughts of things that bog you down vanish. At that moment, all your focus is channeled towards the activity. Couple’s yoga is getting quite popular and is a great way for the partners to strengthen their bond. Couple’s yoga brings two people together with poses such as Ardha Matsyendrasana, Ustrasana, Halasana and more, which help increase intimacy – sexual and otherwise!

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  1. Dance your way to happiness!


When you dance endorphins are released, which is why we feel elated or happy after dancing. A couple activity is a great way for partners to destress and maintain their inner equilibrium. Doing the salsa together is a fantastic way of increasing the intimacy. The bond between the couple also gets a boost. The touching and postures involved in dance often translate into other things and lead to heightened sexual intimacy between the couple.

There is a blood rush while dancing and plenty of visual stimulation, which leads to the couple getting relaxed. All these are great elements that contribute toward a healthy and active sexual lifestyle.

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  1. Couple’s meditation

Meditating is a great stress buster and also helps one stay rooted. While many people like meditating early in the morning, there is no hard and fast rule. Couples simply need to find a chosen spot where they will not be disturbed. This could be a corner in your room, on the terrace, in a park – anywhere they feel comfortable. Simply put on some soothing music and close your eyes and let the worries slip away. You can either do a guided meditation together – there are several audio tracks available, which tell you what to do. Or, you can let your mind be the guide. Couples can also chant while meditating and deep breathe as these help relax the brain.  Since meditation relaxes the body, it results in the increased production of nitic oxide in the human body. Nitric oxide in turn dilates the body’s blood vessels, which results in the blood pressure levels getting regulated.


Post the meditation, the couple will be relaxed and often the anxiety and strains in the relationship get removed. These hurdles getting obliterated leads to a happier couple. When a couple hugs, the stress levels also get reduced as validated by several studies.  People in a relationship are less stressed than those who are single. Simple things such as kissing, hugging, snuggling are proven to bring down the high blood pressure levels, as well as release endorphins. Moreover, studies also assert that love-making is effective in reducing stress as it lowers cortisol (hormone responsible for stress) levels. The human body also produces oxytocin when a couple has sex. This is also known as the love hormone and is instrumental in eliciting compassion.

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