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Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

Shalini was a house wife. It was her third wedding anniversary, but her husband had gone on a month long official tour to the US. She was not even expecting a call from him as she knew that he was a workaholic and would not bother to wish her. For him, their anniversary was just another day in life. But deep down in her heart she always wished for a romantic anniversary date with her husband.

She was reading the newspaper and caught a glance at the advertisement of a newly inaugurated food court in her area. “May be I should try something from here,” she thought to herself. She picked up her mobile and called at the given number. “Hello! This is Yummy Food Hub, how can I help you?” a man on the other side said.

This voice seemed familiar to Shalini. She asked, “Who’s on line?” “Yash from Yummy Food Hub”, came his reply. Shalini went into her college memories. Yash …… he was her college crush. She always fantasized about him. She desired to be in his arms, kiss him, make love with him. But Yash never realized her feelings for him. He was committed to someone else.

“Hello, ma’am, are you online? Please tell me how can I help you? Would you like to order something”, Yash said. Shalini came back to her present and replied, “Yes, Please take my order. I would like to have a Margherita Pizza, with garlic bread and one chocolate shake. And yes, please add extra cheese to the pizza and bread”. She gave her address and waited for the delivery.

While waiting for her delivery, Shalini got engrossed in her memories of Yash. A boy with a good built, tall, dark and handsome. Girls always yearned for him. She had known him after the Annual Concert of their college. They had gone out after the concert that night and all had ordered pizza, garlic bread and soft drink. She was the only one to order chocolate shake. While eating, a little cheese dripped over Yash’s cheeks. Shalini wanted to lick it, but his girlfriend cleaned it for him. She felt so jealous.

That thought of cheese, had lit the flame in her. Suddenly the door bell rang and Shalini rushed to open the door in hope to find Yash. But it was not him. he was the delivery boy with her food parcel. She was quite disappointed but the good part was that the pizza was too yummy and delicious. It tasted the same as the concert night. So, she decided to order some more food again the next day.

She was waiting for husband’s call, in vain. As always, he didn’t call and neither did he receive her call. She was very upset. She never wanted such a man in life. That night she slept thinking about Yash and thought about a life with Yash that would have been so filled with romance. She fantasized about him and slept well. Next day she was not in a mood to cook. She felt gloomy. She called at the Yummy Food Hub and ordered sandwiches with chocolate shake. This time again she heard that familiar voice. After her second order, she was quite sure that she heard Yash’s voice, her college crush. But she didn’t have the courage to get it confirmed.

After a few days, it was raining heavily since afternoon. By evening the power supply was also cut off. Shalini didn’t have candle or torch. She felt hungry and so called at the Yummy Food Court. To her surprise this time as soon as she said “Hello!”, a reply came, “Yes ma’am, Shalini, a pizza with chocolate shake. Isn’t it?” Shalini was shocked. She had never mentioned her name in any of the previous orders. All the bills were in her husband’s name. Then how…..?

“Shalini! You don’t remember me! Yash … your college mate”, a voice came from the other side. Shalini couldn’t contain her feelings. She somehow got hold on her emotions and replied, “Yash? Who? Which classmate?” He reminded her of the Annual Concert and the dinner they had. Shalini was too excited to confirm that she remembered each and every moment. But she remained calm and composed and then replied, “Oh yes, Yash, of course. Now I remember”. After a short chat she ordered for her dinner and requested for early delivery.

After around thirty minutes, her door bell rang. She went to open the door. It was quite dark and she had only her mobile in her hand. She threw the torch over the delivery boy’s face. The boy shouted “Oh please put off the torch. It’s me , Yash”. Shalini was shocked…..did she just hear Yash’s voice. She confirmed, “Yash, are you here to delivery my parcel?” He replied, “Yes ma’am, order parcel is here”.

She called him in and they cherished their college memories along with pizza and chocolate shake. It was quite late by now. Suddenly, Shalini’s phone rang and it was her husband on line. He informed her that he was returning the next day. Shalini informed Yash about her husband and his work. He immediately understood that she was upset and was feeling lonely. Then he said, “Wait, I have something that I forgot to give you”. He went out and returned with a box of garlic bread and also a bouquet of roses. He offered the bouquet to her and said, “I am still hungry. Can we have this together?” Shalini smiled and they had those bread together.

While eating, a little cheese dripped over Shalini’s chin. Yash came close and asked her to wipe the cheese. She remembered their college dinner and with little hesitation asked him to clear it. Yash went closer and Shalini also dragged herself close to him. He took his lips to her chin and licked the cheese. Shalini felt as if she had been waiting for this moment all through her life. She clinged to his arms and slowly moved so close that they could only feel their breath. Both were lost in the moment. Yash tenderly moved towards her neck and shoulder. He was gently rubbing his lips there. Shalini’s heart was beating to its maximum. Then he moved his hands over her back …. Then over her stomach….. and she was enjoying every roll of his fingers on her body.

He then undraped her sari and said gently, “I always wanted to take you in my arms, and our destiny brought us together.” To this Shalini replied, “I always fantasized about you whenever I slept with my husband. Today when I am swinging in your arms, your body heat is driving me crazy. I just can’t wait any more to make love to you. You were my college crush and I still desire for you! More of you! More from you! More with you!!!!”

This made clear that the night was meant for them to rejoice their passion. They lived each and every moment of that night together, in each other’s arms, wrapped in the same blanket, with more cheese dripping all over and with more licking and kissing.


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