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How Picking the Right Lingerie Can Make You Rule the Bedroom

How Picking the Right Lingerie Can Make You Rule the Bedroom

Close to your skin- bringing you happiness

You are judged all the time by people who see what you are wearing, how you are carrying it, with what confidence and may even look down upon you.

But no one even wonders what you might be wearing underneath that. No one knows what might be closest to your skin, an element that makes you the happiest.

Wearing good lingerie is a fact that gives satisfaction, happiness and pleasure to you and only you.

Maybe not just only you. Perhaps this includes your better half too!

Know how to rule

A woman knows her man like the back of her hand and knows JUST what he likes.

Be it something he likes to eat or something he likes to see you in; deep down, every woman knows how her man likes to see her in bed. And so, using that to your advantage a little bit might not be unfair, ladies!

You need to show him who’s the boss when it comes to the kingdom called bedroom.

And, what better way to assert your position than win him over when he’s being subconscious?

The key? Sexy lingerie.

You need to dress  in a type of lingerie that when he sees you, he goes balls over it, giving you enough time to take control of the things.

How? We tell you how.

1.   Flirty chemises

Chemises are like, the numerouno choice when it comes to buying something subtly sexy that you can use in many ways.

Flirt a little with him, bring in a little tease in your acts and play around with your chemise in different ways that he feels provoked.

Choose sexy chemises, probably in sheer material or lacy ones, with deep necks and slip ones that are just easy to slip out of.

2.    Teddy lingerie

Nothing compares to the sex appeal you have when you are wearing a hot red lacy bra with matching underpants. Make his breathing a little hard with deep cut red teddy lingerie that will set the mood soaring.Choosing ones in sexy cuts and attached frills should make things even sexier and apt for that special evening.

3.    A nice thong

Forget underpants or briefs or granny underwear. Invest in a nice skimpy thong for the night in a sexy colour that makes him go weak in the knees when he sees you in it. Choose one in thin straps that make things hotter. Better, buy one in satin or silk.

4.    Garter and stockings

Strip tease him a little bit. Get decked up in a nice pair of matching garter belt and stockings. Strip one element at a time and get things racing for him. Keep going till he gives in and then show him who the boss is.

5.    Baby doll lingerie

Baby doll lingerie can work wonders with just slipping it on and the rest of the work is done by this garment.

Baby doll lingerie gives out an extreme erotic vibe, making you look sexy as hell and if done right, would make you rule the bedroom.

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