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How to Pick And Choose the Right Teddy Lingerie Size for Yourself

How to Pick And Choose the Right Teddy Lingerie Size for Yourself

Wearing the right lingerie size

The beauty and elegance of your outfit will come to light and shine when it gets the right support. Meaning, your outfit will look its best only when you get the basics right.

For this, you need to keep a check on what lingerie you choose to wear underneath your clothes.

Most women in the country aren’t even aware of the unfortunate fact that all their life, they have been wearing the wrong lingerie size and more, unfortunately, they pass on their broken knowledge of wrong lingerie sizes (especially brassiere sizes) to their daughters; making this a vicious cycle.

This is essentially the reason why we generally come across women saying they aren’t too voluptuous but they look so, or they aren’t too petite, but they look so. Women need to realize the importance of wearing the right lingerie size. It should be in their holy books!

Customizing for plus size women

Every woman wants to feel special and we understand how sexy a woman wants to look for her partner. But when it comes to sexy lingerie, plus sized women shy away a little. Wearing teddy lingerie might be just what your wardrobe needs, minus the shy look on your face. It is cut just at the right places where your curves accentuate and hides all the extra unwanted flab. Also, the flowy hems and designs make it apt for plus size women who are looking for something sexy without feeling too overwhelmed.

Teddy lingerie might be your calling.

With the fit as perfect as anything you would have tried on, teddy lingerie is a boon for curvaceous women that flatters the curves at the right places.

Why choose teddy lingerie?

Number one, do you really need a hands down reason to wear sexy lingerie that makes you feel worthy of every God damn thing in the world? I hear echoes of ‘no’, ladies!

Yes! You don’t need a REASON to dress up in teddy lingerie; but if you really want some motivation, we can tell you that there are extensive studies that have shown how wearing sexy lingerie to bed can improve your sexual drive with your partner. Also, it's very much comfortable to sleep in and you won’t feel the hem annoying you in the middle of the night.

Need a reason more good enough?

We say you try it on for yourself to see how sensual your evening can get!

Figuring out why size matters

The wrong lingerie size or the wrong cup size is an utter disaster. No one wants that daunting peek-a-boo from over the clothes that look utterly shabby and untidy. Not only this, but your body might suffer too.

From underline creases to rashes and from neck and backaches to improper posture, your body might suffer just because you are not wearing the right lingerie size.

Your body is your temple and you should worship it that way. So, it’s essential that a woman takes a good deal of time to try on different sizes and different cup sizes to understand what suits her the best and what falters her body the most.

Remember, what would look amazing and fit fabulously on one woman may not do justice to another!

But hey! Fret not, lady! We give you access to user’s guide to picking the right size for you according to your body.

1.    Measuring the chest size for the right teddy lingerie

The basic thing to figure out at first is what the size of your chest is. So, you can choose the band size according to that. Measuring your band size is not that of a task; you just need a measuring tape.

Keep it parallel and wrap it around the lines where your brassiere ends when you wear it. Note down the inches or centimetres your measuring tape shows.

And don’t exhale out as you do this; you don’t want to inhale and suck your tummy and the rest of your body in to reduce that one size. It’s that one size that’s going to make all the difference and make or break the whole teddy lingerie look.

2.    Measuring the cup size for the right fit

Wearing the right cup size is essential. Even if you are wearing the right lingerie size but the wrong cup size, the fit is going to be shabby and might not look good to see at, with flabs of flesh popping out from places you might not want.

For this, use the measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust while you are wearing a non-padded bra. Whatever number you get, note it down.

Now deduct whatever band size you got from the cup size you just measured.

Example:- If band size is 32 and cup size is 34, deduct 32 from 34 which gives you a result of 2). Now, a result of 1 inches means, the cup type is A, the result of 2 inches means the cup type is B, 3 refers to C type cup, 4 refers to D type cup, 5 to E, 6 to F, 7 to G and so on.

3.    Measuring the waist size

Teddy lingerie is a one piece and you don’t want to get the whole bust right, but falter at the waist because you thought it doesn’t matter. Well, it essentially does.At the position where your waist curves out, take a measuring tape and wrap it around that point to note down the waist size you have.

Remember not to measure from where you wear your jeans or below, close to your hips.Panties are not designed according to that. They are designed according to your waist.

4.    Measuring the hip size for the right fit

Hip sizes vary from woman to woman. Some may have a thin waist but a full butt. Some women may be curvy at the waist but might not have a full butt. Or it can be one too many permutations and combinations possible.

So, measure your hip out.

Grab a measuring tape and measure the fullest part of your hips and note the reading down.

Now, refer a panty size chart which will tell you what size of underwear you should be choosing to wear according to your waist size and hip size.

You don’t even have an inch of an idea as to how just wearing the right lingerie will improve your posture and give your body the curvature it just might need!

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