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Perfecting The Right Recipe-II: Getting Ready for the Night

Perfecting The Right Recipe-II: Getting Ready for the Night

Suman had everything she needed to make their anniversary special. Time, plan, sexy lingerie and a motive to seduce Shekhar with her moves. If you haven’t read the previous part, read it here.

After receiving the parcel from Kamuklife, she was all the way more excited. It was one week to their anniversary and Shekhar seemed quite busy in his professional life. Though Suman was a bit skeptical if he would come home on their anniversary on time, deep down she knew he would not leave her alone that day.

Three days before their anniversary, she started her secret mission to prepare the home, herself and the kitchen for the special night. First part of her plan was to satiate Shekhar’s hunger with delicacies that would tingle his taste buds. She had read somewhere that an exotic meal is a perfect start to a passionate night. So, she had planned a three-course menu for dinner on their anniversary.

Now, she had to plan how to send his parents out of the house on the day. She had already talked to one of his aunties about how she planned to celebrate. So, it was decided she would call parents at her house a day prior to the anniversary on premise of some religious ceremony. After all this was done, the next move was to try out the hot nighties and sexy lingerie that she had ordered online from Kamuklife.com.

In the evening after a cold shower, she unpacked all the lingerie ordered and started trying one by one. She had a full-length mirror in the bedroom and she was really enjoying this exercise. Never having seen herself in clothing this sensual, she was astounded at her beauty quotient. She had it all, babydoll, teddies and some kinky costumes- for each of which she had a separate plan. She was really happy with the quality, color, fabric and fit of all the sexy wear she bought and now that everything was in control, she was relaxed. All she had was now to make sure the anniversary day went on as planned.

Finally, the day arrived. Though she had not planned anything for the morning, she still treated her husband with a memorable morning. Before he woke up, she prepared the breakfast and served for him while he was still in bed. They chatted while having the sumptuous breakfast. As he was finishing the meal, he found a small note below the glass of water. It read, “You are in for a treat tonight. Don’t forget to get this special one-time offer.” When he looked at Suman, she gave him a seductive and suggestive smile.

Now things had really warmed up. As Shekhar left for office, Suman began to start preparing for the dinner. Though she was the cream of the pie for the night, she still had to serve him starters and main course before the final seductive dessert. She had squared on a tomato soup with white sauce pasta for the dinner. As she was not so good a cook, she had specially learned the recipes from a friend. All she needed was that the recipes turn out well.

By the evening everything was set. She had specially lit the living room to give it a romantic ambience. At 7:30 pm. the doorbell rang. She knew he was home. Dressed in a designer saree, she opened the door and greeted him with a long peck on the lips. Shekhar was taken for a surprise. Though, he had some idea that she had been planning something, seeing the living room made him feel that he had undermined what she was capable of.

As he freshened up, she had already served the meal on the table. When he came to the living room, she was already waiting there. When he asked about his parents, she informed they were at aunt’s place. After sharing naughty glances, both went on to the meal. The meal was really delicious and Shekhar loved how she had really pulled off something she was not good at. He was enjoying everything- the ambience, the food and the company. He was happy he didn’t plan anything else.

When they were about to finish, Suman threw a googly by saying that the dessert will be served in the bedroom. Shekhar was instantly turned on. He was not expecting much, but little did he knew what awaited him in the bedroom. To know how Suman treated Shekhar in the bedroom, wait for the next part of the story. Till then, stay hooked to Kamuklife.com.



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