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The perfect end to a special day: A passionate & Wild Night

The perfect end to a special day: A passionate & Wild Night

All of our lives, we wait for that one special day in our lives. We grow up, we study, get great jobs and then wait to settle down with that special someone. No matter if it’s an arranged matrimony or a loved one, what matters is the fact that you are going to be with that person for the rest of your life.

And this day, you are going to celebrate for the rest of your lives. It is that very date that you are going to keep marked forever.

So, there should be a grand celebration every year for you both to appreciate the commitment you made to each other the day you took your vows. There needs to be a commemoration of the day you both became one in unison.

Make it special

This is going to be no ordinary day. Your anniversary will hold great importance; no matter how many kids you have or how many grandkids you have. In fact, this will be a great way to give your thanks to each other for how you have filled each other’s life with sunshine.

So treat it like one and make plans. Make plans to spend the day with each other. You could either take the day off or come back early from work to do something special together. Gift each other small memorabilia. What you gift each other should not always be materialistic, but should hold an emotion that you both share. It could be a picture or a letter from your courtship period. Do something for your better half. You could slip on that dress he likes. Or wear a really hot pair of lingerie for him to get salivated at. You could hit out for dinner; or stay in and cook together as things get steamy in the kitchen and between you two.

Which brings us to an integral part of celebrating special days like your anniversary- sexual unison.

Sizzle things up

When you talk about spending your special day together, there is a very difficult chance that you can skip out on the sex part of it. In fact, a special day as this calls for hot, intimate and wild sex; a night together that’s passionate beyond your expectation. And a special day deserves more than just mundane, routine sex. These tips might help you plan that passionate and wild night which will be memorable for years to come.

Re-live foreplay

Sex can become really mundane sometimes. In the hulla-ba-loo of the daily life, one forgets that this is an imperative part of healthy lives. So, re-live the days of your courtship period. Bring those days back when you used to express your love to each other by just kissing each other. Focus on foreplay and making each other special. Spend more time feeling each other and not just jumping to the deed.

Use the kitchen

The best way would be to cook for a meal together in the kitchen. Kitchen is known to be one of the hottest places. You can play around, lick food off of each other and probably use the countertop for a lot of things, including sex!

Plan a surprise

Tell your partner that you have planned a surprise for them. This will keep them anticipatory the entire day and you can bring out your best. Probably buy some delicate lingerie to make it a great time for him and have fun.

Bring out the wine

Wine is known to make intimate times even sexier. So, while your partner is away, invest in a bottle of Chardonnay, keep it chilled and bring it out to infuse the sexy aura in the air.

Be as dirty as you can be!

Forget that you are married, or that you would feel weird- be as raunchy and as dirty with your partner for the night as you can be. Be adventurous and try things you never have. This will make the sex voluminously greater and satisfying.

Celebrate your special day with tips and lingerie from Kamuklife.com and breathe fresh air into your relationship!

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