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How to overcome your inhibitions & amaze your partner with your sex appeal?

How to overcome your inhibitions & amaze your partner with your sex appeal?

As a newly married couple or someone who’s found a soul mate just right now; you’d be confused about how to take the next step. You might be wondering, how to elevate things, steam them up and become all saucy.

At the end of the day, all you want is to connect with your partner, be on the same page and work things out and attain mental happiness, emotional happiness and experience sexual satisfaction.

If you are really outgoing and open, this might seem like a walk in the park for you; but for someone with certain inhibitions, this might seem like a giant task to overcome. It might seem like a lot of work; but it can be really simple if you strip it down to the basics.

Surprise him with what you can do!

For instance, if you are going out for your honeymoon; this could be a great chance to break the ice casually and shed your inhibitions. If your partner has thoughts about you otherwise; you could prove him wrong and surprise them with your sex appeal. And he is going to LOVE IT!

Sure, you might have body issues, image issues; you might be struggling with low confidence or not know how to spice things up. Know this- its okay! It’s absolutely okay! We have all been there at some point in our lives and it has been tough for all of us.

Keep these points in your mind and you’ll sail through it smoothly.

1.   Wear sexy lingerie

This is actually a no-brainer. This is the time when you invest in all the sexy, kinky lingerie to turn him on and let him know that you mean business. If you want to take it to a whole new level, buy baby doll lingerie and surprise him when he comes home after work. Not only will this help you get confident with your partner, but will also make your partner want you more!

2.   Take short vacations

This is the time when you spend time together and understand each other. Take short vacations like those extended weekend holidays and unwind at any exotic location with your partner. You two can have a lot of fun and get to know surprising things about each other. This will increase mutual understanding among you both and make you shed your old inhibitions.

3.   Take the first step

Don’t wait for him to take the first step. Get up and make the first move to surprise him. This will wake up the Goddess in you and make you confident of yourself. He is going to love it, when you take charge and let him be at the receiving end. And what better way to be doing this while in some really hot pair of lingerie!

4.   Get comfortable with your body

If you are a little apprehensive of your body if you are on the plump side; worry not! You are beautiful and hot and sexy. Plus size lingerie is the go-to for you, woman! Get grooving in your body and let him show who the boss in the bedroom is. If you are at ease with your body, you both will have a worthwhile experience and have a good time.

5.   Be a little flirtatious

The best way to shed your inhibitions and amaze your partner with your sex appeal is to be a little flirty. Flirt with your partner a few times in the day. You could send him flirty texts, or send him really tempting pictures. All this will make sure that your partner does not mistake you for a subtle one!


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