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Is it an old women or a young lady?

Is it an old women or a young lady?

Human mind is a strange machine. It has the tendency to see what it desires and the same is the case with the image. What did your mind see in this particular image? While some would say this is an image of a gloomy old woman, others would see a beautiful girl in the same image. Some others would agree seeing both of them in this image, when they would observe clearly. This is the beauty of human brain and the idiosyncrasy of optical illusions such as these. Often, this image is related to be a scary illusion, but it also portrays the finesse of the artist who created it.

Created by Mexican surrealist painter, the painting is called Silver Thread and shows an old woman made out of a young woman and waterfall. Using different shades and perspectives, the artist managed to capture two completely opposite shades- cheery youthfulness and gloomy old age, in a single image. Silver Thread is a shining example of the unique metamorphic painting style pioneered by Octavio Ocampo. The style focuses on intricately weaving detailed images to create the larger picture and in the process, creating an amazing optical illusion that fades back and comes forward as someone observes and studies the fine details.


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