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No More Plain Old Vanilla! – Raise the Temperature of your Room With Tools of Love.

No More Plain Old Vanilla! – Raise the Temperature of your Room With Tools of Love.

Want to give him spine tingling, toe curling, back arching, screaming orgasms!? Why stick to the plain old vanilla then? Introduce some mild bondage to your bedroom and see your sex life rise with steamy nights that will make him sexually addicted to you, and ONLY you!

Whenever we hear words like BDSM and bondage, we never think ‘how fun’ or ‘it sounds exciting’. But one night with these moves and you’ll turn on by the very mention of it. Want to give it a shot? You definitely must explore the kinky art of bondage! We don’t have to always keep little excitement an absolute mystery. Though we don’t suggest going into it, too far and too fast (as that might end up hurting either of you, and your relationship), but some mild bondage is always welcome to raise the heat. And to be honest, it isn’t something you need to over think about. It’s natural and absolutely fine to discover each other’s and your own sexuality.

Want to give it a shot!? Just see how kinky you are willing to get and get going.

Explore Your Fantasies!

Imagination and fantasies come with no strings attached. You can go as wild as you want to and these powerfully fuel your sexual arousal. Know your desires in your sex life. While your fantasies run wild, be realistic about the desires you harbor. Pull up a pair of sexy panties and rule his thoughts!

Set the Stage…

Eroticizing your bedroom a little can help. Put away the laptop, kids toys and replace the cotton sheet with satin. Light up some scented candles or incense and replace your bedside lamp with a red bulb to take care of the lighting.

Reinvent yourself

Vamp up in leather lingerie or latex costume. You can wear a new fragrance and even try adding a temporary tattoo. The purpose is to change how you look, feel and appeal to your partner. That’s what enhances the intensity of the entire act. You can even try a beaded open crotch g-string. (Sounds seductive enough already, doesn’t it?)

Blindfolds and Heightened Intensity

Being deprived of the sense of sight heightens the other senses. You can request him to blindfold you with a tie that smells of his cologne or stockings which you might spritz with perfume.  The lightest of all touches would feel like fire and the softest kisses would become the most achingly crushing ones. Just make sure that it stays in place and you’ll be ready to take off!

Bondage for Good

Some mild bondage using cotton scarves or fluffy and soft fur handcuffs help the dominant partner to indulge in a powerful yet playful sense of control, while the submissive revels in erotic exposure. You can tie hands up or to the bed post. Either way, not being able to move makes it intense for both of you. Wearing a crotchless thong will drive your man crazy when you act submissive and are tied in the spread eagle position. You’ll look absolutely ravishing and that will be enough to tip him off the edge.

Keep it cool!

Ice cubes can be a surprisingly sweet addition to the entire play. Running one over the pleasure points and lips of the submissive partner, while they are bonded and blindfolded offers a shockingly pleasurable and soothing temperature change. This can be followed by trailing licks with the tongue or hot exhalations for a delightful contrast.

Verbal Bondage

Do you wish to exert control in the bedroom? Then, this is the best way. Empower the dominatrix within you and unleash your wild side. Make it clear that he MUST listen to and follow the rules or else there will be some undesired consequences. You can even incorporate role play into the same. Let him know that he can ONLY watch and not touch. That way, even though he’ll be salivating, watching you in sexy thongs, he’ll control himself, which will further turn him on. Building on intensity is the most important aspect of the playtime. Be ready with punishments when he fails. (What man can even resist!). This little break will leave you both wanting more. And if your little boy manages to follow all instructions, reward him by moving over to his (and your) ‘favourite tip’!

While it can be quite overwhelming, slight BDSM is a welcome change which will bring you out of routine love making. Rest, it is absolutely up to you. Decide your limits and take a shot!

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