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The Naughty Gift-II: My Wife Reciprocated Her Love for Naughtiness

The Naughty Gift-II: My Wife Reciprocated Her Love for Naughtiness

In episode I of the story, we read how Rakesh tried spicing up his bedroom life by gifting his wife sexy lingerie by Kamuklife. If you haven’t read the first episode, read it here. Now read what changed in their life after the bold move by Rakesh.

After that night, Kusum and I indulged in deep conversations about our fantasies, aspirations and expectations from each other. As we opened up, I found out she was not much different from me. In fact, she also wanted to marry someone she knew but family pressure made her marry me. Once everything was clear in between us, we promised each other to fulfill every wish and fantasy.

We slowly fell in love with each other. Our lives became interesting and the change was reflected well in our bedroom life as well. No more she was shy in bed. No more I was hesitant. In fact, after our first night, she went ahead to bring me a naughty mankini. When I asked her where she found one, she told me how her friend had told her about Kamuklife.com. I smiled and told her how I had also ordered the first naughty gift from the same website. She gave a sly look and said, “We both were rowing in the same boat, yet it took us weeks to go in the right direction. Now that we are moving forward, let me take charge.”

And that was the first time I saw her being wild in bed. She was a hot bomb I realized that night. I always saw her as a cute and decent woman, but that night she graduated from being just any other woman to my woman.

Her active mode gave me goose bumps and I made a mental note to experiment with things in bed, next time. In the next few days, I ordered a number of products from Kamuklife.com. Most of them were hot and sexy nightwear for women. I also ordered nightglow lingerie for Kusum. I was not sure if she would agree to wear that but when I gifted her and asked her to wear the same in the dark, she made the experience more exciting. That night our room was no less than a psychedelic heaven. She chose to give me an experience of a lifetime by giving me a lap dance dressed in Kamuklife’s nightglow lingerie.

That night was one of the best nights of my lifetime and I began seeing Kusum in new lights. I should say I found the right partner in Kusum. She not only became an ideal bride for the whole family but the best wife any husband can have in bed. Over the next couple of months, we decided to take special vacations at an exotic location. We wanted to explore the country and wanted some private time for ourselves.

Again Kamuklife was of great help to us as we stocked up for the vacations and enjoyed each other’s company dressed in sexy attires. I always dreamt of an adventurous life and when I married Kusum, I thought my dream has been shattered. Never had I thought that I would be able to live my life just as I wanted it to be.

Our exciting journey together that started with bumps and speed breakers soon became the reason of my most cherished memories. I feel glad to have made the move of gifting a sexy lingerie to my wife in the first place. Thinking about how my life would be if I have not chosen to log on to Kamuklife, I get scared. But thankfully, all worked well and we are one of the happiest couples in our friend circle. Now, we both look forward to our future and I know together we will make our lives worthwhile without giving monotony a chance to creep into our bedroom.

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