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The Naughty Gift-I: I Chose to Make my Bedroom Life Interesting

The Naughty Gift-I: I Chose to Make my Bedroom Life Interesting

To call me anything but exciting would be an understatement. I was born in a conservative middle-class family but my friends and social group helped me in building a liberal vision towards the world. I loved to travel, enjoy unique experiences, meet interesting people and do anything that made my life worthwhile.

As I grew up to reach the age of 25, I met many interesting girls but I wanted to be loyal to just one girl whom I would marry. So, I never went beyond one point and dreamt of finding the love of my life and marry her one day. But not everyone in my family shared my vision. In the weeks following my 25th birthday, my parents started looking for a decent bride who would take care of the family and give me love.

I opposed their idea of arranged marriage and they loathed at me when they learned about my thoughts on marriage. I wanted them to give me some time to find my love and eventually marry her. But, as they were, never believed in the concept of love marriage. Being their child, I had to give in and in a year, I was married to Kusum- a shy and sweet girl who I found everything but interesting.

I met her several times before our marriage but things never clicked between us. I knew I am not meant for this type of marriage, still, I had to give in to the family’s pressure and married her. After marriage and honeymoon, we both still were finding it hard to interact, let alone being comfortable in each other’s company. I wanted to explore and fulfill my kinky desires but didn’t found her appealing enough to get in the act. So, I thought to just give up on her and continued my life, depressed.

For my parents, she was an ideal wife. She took their care just like a daughter and fulfilled all the domestic duties while attending me after work. But I only knew how frustrated I became in the months following my marriage. I knew things would not work like this for long. So, I tried something that I believed would help me break the ice between us.

A few weeks back, near to my honeymoon, I found out a website to buy sexy lingerie online- Kamuklife.com. I thought of giving the website a shot and ordered a few honeymoon lingerie sets for my wife. I didn’t know how she would react so instead of placing the order by her name, I chose to order and get it delivered to my office address. I was worried that someone might see the contents of the package but Kamuklife.com promised discreet and concealed packaging that made me more confident.

After I received honeymoon nighty and sexy lingerie from Kamuklife, I, instead of revealing to my wife, directly gifted her the package. She was surprised but happy that I brought her something. I asked her to open it at night when our parents sleep. She looked at me naughtily and agreed. I was waiting for the night and once I found everyone asleep, I began looking for Kusum around the home. But she was nowhere to be found. I thought she might be busy in the bathroom so I switched on the TV in the bedroom and relaxed.

After 15 minutes, there was a soft knock at the bedroom door. I knew it was Kusum. The door was open and she pushed it softly to enter the room. My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw. There was my wife standing seductively in a sexy lingerie by Kamuklife. She said, “Why it took you so long to understand what I needed?” And I knew she is also in the act. That night became our first official night as a husband and wife and soon we became sexually active and socially comfortable in each other’s company.

Kamuklife helped me to break the ice and make my wife happy. In the next part, read how my naughty gift changed my wife’s attitude towards me, making my life interesting and exciting, just as I wanted.

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