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My Experiment With Revealing Clothes

Men are voyeur by nature and more often than not do carry a desire, whether dormant or active, to see their wives or girl friends having an amorous encounter with another from his species. Whilst the hyper active ones have found solace in alternate lifestyle, the most semi active ones are happy showing off their wives and deriving pleasure from thinking & fantasizing. And lastly, the dormant ones can only fantasize of making his better half wear revealing cloth and derive pleasure out that fantasy.

This entire phenomenon is an evolution graduating from one step to another. However, it is beyond doubt that fantasy is the only way of spicing up an otherwise vanilla married life which becomes stale with the passage of time.

My tryst with revealing clothes began some 12 years ago when my then boyfriend now my husband was so excited after a party and reason for that was all because single guys and married men were ogling at my ass and open back, all thanks to my backless and high slit long dress. Post the party and on our way back to his flat my boyfriend did not speak but forced and made to bend over from passenger seat up till the level of his lap and there my mouth and lips were all but busy moving up and down while he hurriedly drove the car.

And once back in his flat he could not wait to reach the living room. I was bend over immediately on entering the foyer and there I was bent over and found myself taking the support of one of the wall of foyer. My slit dress was pulled up till my waist from behind and g string rested on one of the cheek of my arched back bums. After that all that could be heard were the music of moans and groans echoing from the walls of the foyer and living room.

I did not realise the sudden brute urge my boyfriend developed until the moment he began whispering those dirty words ....
" Sl*t did you see how my friends at ogling at your open back"
When I said " No baby I did not"... he thrust himself inside with vengeance.
He asked ," Did you Mr J was ogling at your big ass?
I uttered " No sweetheart".
The moment he heard reply he said " Sl*t do not lie" and pushed his probing pole harder and deeper.

In between those vengeance full and ruthless thrusts he kept saying how those mature men were eyeing my wide arched ass and 36D boobs caged inside that tight dress. Surprisingly, I was enjoying his dirty whispers.

Once the act of his sweet vengeance was over and after a shower as we lay down on the bed speaking about the party, he was narrating how people were ogling at my body. I asked him " were you jealous?
He confessed, " yes definitely but I excited as well".
I replied " Ok then I won't wear revealing clothes again".
He did not reply.

After this incident, he insisted me to wear revealing clothes, be it short skirt, body hugging apparels, sleeveless ones or else the backless ones. On special occasions like parties or social gatherings he would insist on me wearing on clothes which showed and accentuated my curves more rather than covering it. The aftermath of these parties were always marked with act of sweet vengeance and lust. Slowly and gradually it became a routine affair for me, whenever we went out together he would make me wear revealing clothes. Initially though I did not notice much how guys would ogle but it was apparent from the attention I would get from people around. I began enjoying this new found attentions. Guys would some pretext to hold or touch my hands or arms. Narration of these incidents would invariably to lead to a hot steamy session in our bedroom. Gradually I became bolder and more experimental with the way I dressed up.

Since then there is no looking back. My experiments with wearing revealing clothes still continue. Now at the age of 39, I am still known to wear most daringly revealing clothes and we both enjoy the attention my body gets from those prying lustful eyes of friends and strangers alike. Those lustful sights and attentions my body receives and the comments my ears get to hear have always acted as a catalyst to the fire which spreads wild. In fact, we discovered that we enjoyed being called" Sl*t Bhabhi or aunty or MILF or the hindi version of CG". I enjoy being a fantasy queen of young and old alike and my hubby loves the thoughts that many men may have paid taxes in terms of c..m tribute imagining my curvy voluptuous body.

Though we both enjoy the attention of lust eyes but at times my hobby of wearing revealing clothes has attracted trouble as well, some which I enjoyed and others which I wish to forget. Number of times I had to bear probing hands on my ass at crowded places or the extent of guys flashing out on few occasions. There have been some occasions at parties or in secluded corner of a pub during my hubby's absence when probing fingers found the moist triangle between my legs and made me to spread my legs and raise up my pelvis to meet the thrusts of probing fingers. But there I always had a line drawn in my hubby's absence that in case at all I allowed anything was nothing beyond than probing by fingers. Back home every narration by me of the incidents like these to my husband were punished with long and hard thrusts with time tested tool of my dearest hubby. Thus, revealing and exhibitionism have kept ourselves young at heart and craving for each other more and more.

However, a word of caution for all the wannabe exhibitionists- the pitfalls are always there. So weigh the pros and cons before embarking on this journey of revealing.

DISCLAIMER: - This blog is purely fictional and does not relate to anyone dead or live. It does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community or organisation.

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