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Must-try sex accessories for passionate holiday nights

Must-try sex accessories for passionate holiday nights

When you are involved in a romantic relationship, you have multiple expectations from a single person. As you get to know a person more and more, things start to relate and with time even the same person whom you love dearly may turn a bit predictable. Even in bed, your acts can become mundane and boring with time. There are a number of things you can try this holiday season to pump up your passions- sexy lingerie, sex accessories, toys, etc.

When it comes to sex accessories, it becomes hard to convince yourself and understand if your partner would love these tools of love. But be very sure, if your partner loves you, he will look forward to flaring things up and if that involves using sex accessories, he would happily accept the same. There are a number of sex accessories that you can use at night, major ones being:

  • Pasties and nipple covers

Pasties and nipple covers can help you hide your nipple and comes in the form of a patch for you to stick-on or tie over your nipple. Not only does nipple covers amplify sex appeal, but also excite a man to get into the act and take charge to explore what is underneath the covers. When you think of nipple covers and pasties, you can choose something fancy such as fluffy nipple covers or designer pasties such as heart pasties with roses.

  • Crotchless panties

Using crotchless panties underneath a sexy attire can surely be a huge turn on for the night. Crotchless panties give your partner the freedom to explore and also excites him to try some kinky moves without thinking of undressing. There are a number of options if you are looking to try out open crotch panties, major ones being lace floral crotchless panties and open cup crotchless teddy lingerie. You can also try out crotchless thongs to increase the naughtiness quotient.

  • Sex toys, bondage tools and masks

Along with conventional dressing up options, you can think of trying out some sex toys or bondage tools such as handcuffs if your partner loves the harsh way. Try to know his views about these acts and you can choose some great tools of love, facemasks and toys to make holiday night steamier and sexier than ever.


When you think of such a sexy endeavor, it is important to source quality accessories and what’s better than shopping online for sex accessories. You can explore Kamuklife’s range of sex accessories and choose some great ones for you and your partner and be sure of having a great experience during the holiday season and beyond that.

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