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What do men think of sexy lingerie? Read before you plan your surprise!

What do men think of sexy lingerie? Read before you plan your surprise!

Engaging in a sexual encounter with the man of your dreams is an exciting thought. And when you are in love with the same man, it becomes much more exciting. You look for ways to entice him and wearing a sexy lingerie is one of the top methods women use to make their partner come in the mood. Let’s explore what men think of lingerie and how can you make an intimate experience much more memorable.

Sexy lingerie is useless’, said no man ever. It is always exciting to see your love in beautiful attire that pumps up and arouses the mood. It is definitely a good idea to surprise your lover with sexy panties or a lingerie set every now and then.

Sexy lingerie makes them feel special

When you take time to dress up and make an extra effort to look beautiful even in bed, a man is swept off his feet for sure. He feels important and his adrenaline levels also rise seeing you in a honeymoon lingerie of sexy lingerie piece. A man will feel as if you value his fantasies and will, in turn, love you more, every moment.

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Sexy lingerie is a sought-after bonus

When a man is in the mood for some action, definitely he is inclined to get in the act soon. But this doesn’t mean you cannot add up to the experience. A majority of men revealed that seeing their partner in a sexy lingerie aroused them and they didn’t mind waiting for a few more minutes in return of the sight they get to see when their partner comes dressed in a sexy lingerie. So, the next time you question if you should invest time to get dressed for some special night, make sure to delight, surprise and award your partner with a bonus.

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Men love sexy lingerie costumes and seek a cosplay experience

It is a common notion that a man just has a desire for sex and the real act. But various surveys and studies revealed that men too love to get involved in cosplay, too. You should think of purchasing a sexy costume to awaken the inner fantasies and make him feel that his desires mean everything to you. So the next time you plan a sensual night, think of topping the experience with a sexy lingerie, costume or night glow lingerie and see your man’s face light up like never before.


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