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What do Men Actually Think of Sexy Lingerie

What do Men Actually Think of Sexy Lingerie

Upon asking any guy what would they like to see their woman in, the obvious answer that slips out of their mouth is NOTHING! It has always been a delight to watch your lady allure you wearing almost nothing. Your very own eye candy. Or whatever dessert you name her.

The next question that follows is, how about watching your dessert a little garnished and ornated in sexy lingeries? Well, the question itself gives us major ideas about a hot, steamy time with our respective beloved. Women often wonder about what exactly her man or any other guy for that matter thinks about all the sexy, lacy lingeries they splurge on. So here we are with a few ideas about what guys really think about sexy lingerie. Here we go with feedbacks straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • We appreciate the efforts: I love to see my partner consistently experimenting with her looks and several other options available to try out in bed. I love to see her trying out different lingerie to find what I really like to see her in. It all seems so blissful. I feel desirable and wanted. It seems like someone is trying to make an effort to please me. What better feeling could you have on earth? And to be very honest, it’s always the idea of her efforts made that turns me on more than the lingerie itself.

So go on ladies. Go treat your man tonight!

  • It’s a delight to watch her rule:Every single time she comes in front of me in a new lingerie set she shopped for, she feels like some fairy diva straight out from the heaven. And boy! It’s no sudden magic. She is ready to cast a spell on you because she feels confident in what she is wearing. A new lingerie set often fills her with a great deal of enthusiasm and charisma like never before. She looks and feels fabulous while I enjoying her taking over. It’s a win win situation.”


  • BONUS It’s just like enjoying a piece of cake. It has a designed icing or not, you love savoring the taste. But a little-decorated piece of cake with all the cherries and chocolate chips does no harm. Isn’t it? Things are the same in the case of lingeries as well. Seeing your lady in a sexy piece is always an added bonus.”


  • She can skip it if that doesn’t work for her Lingeries are a good idea only when my partner enjoys it equally and is comfortable in it. As long as she is not feeling comfortable in what she is carrying, the complete idea of dressing to impress goes pointless.”


  • Those pieces speak to me “ Whenever she surprises me putting on a sexy set of lingerie, I feel like those pieces are screaming volumes to me. It seems like they are saying, “Get in action hero! Tonight’s gonna last forever.” And that’s when I turn on like anything indulge in the act afterward. Lingeries somewhat spices up things and makes it more interesting and memorable.”

So now that you know what exactly guys think about lingeries on women, it’s time to go splurge on some enticing sets. Kamuklife.com has a wide range of sexy lingeries to choose from. Check them out now and shop before your favorite set goes out of stock.

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