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Making the right move-III: Reliving our Hidden Passions

Making the right move-III: Reliving our Hidden Passions

Surat trip for Radhika & Shantanu was not less than any milestone for their relationship. What was just moral support before the trip have turned into an emotional, psychological and intimate bond that they cherished more than anything in life. To know how their relationship progressed and reached this level, read the first part and second part of the story first.

Once they found the love they desired in each other, life for them was no less than a fairy tale. Every day, they would spend hours together, first in office then strolling around on calm beaches of Mumbai or the Marine Drive. Shantanu would often come over at Radhika’s to enjoy steamy nights together. Over time, Shantanu had seen Radhika in every single lingerie of her sexy lingerie collection. He truly was mesmerized by her and wondered why her husband could never satisfy her.

Radhika, on the other hand, was happy to have Shantanu in her life. Living alone in a city like Mumbai was a monumental task that she was never ready for. In Shantanu, she found the oasis she was always looking for. Though she had never told Shantanu what attracted her towards him, she knew Shantanu had a hint as she loved those intimate moments that they spent every night away from the commotion of real world.

She was completely devoted to Shantanu and he too respected her and made her feel loved and cared for. Everyone in their office knew about their steamy affair but no one ever tried to confront them or pass on lewd comments. All in all, life was good for both of them.

They enjoyed their private moments, their public love life, their work and the bond that they shared. As Shantanu & Radhika didn’t had much of a family left, it was their decision on how to take things forward. Though they had been discussing it for quite a while now, both felt that it is not a right time to do something formal. Time passed and they were now in a relationship for more than a year.

Having taken innumerous trips together and sharing apartments for most of the days in the week had made them completely accustomed to each other’s company. Be it night or day, both were seen always looking for or after one another. Sexually, Shantanu was really satisfied and happy as Radhika let him do all the things he wanted. She dressed in amazingly hot nighties that aroused his senses and passions.

Radhika too enjoyed feeling the masculine touch of Shantanu. Though she had possessed a wide range of sexy outfits for quite a long time, for the first time in life, she came to know the effects of such dresses on men. Both were hungry, passionate and savored each other like a newly-wed couple.

Shantanu, at times, had gifted Radhika a couple of sexy lingerie sets, babydolls and teddies that he ordered from Kamuklife.com. But every time he saw her dressed in such an attire, he lost control. They thought it natural to be so obsessed with each other. They were still young and lots of passionate years left that they can enjoy together.

Being mature adults, they decided it was better for both of them to move-in together as a couple. Though the thought might make many afraid of the implications, but both of them were quite sure to make that happen. They loved each other and wanted to spend lives together. So, just after their first anniversary, Radhika left her flat to move in with Shantanu. Not only will it help her financially, now she had an all-time companion in an unknown city.

Being in a live-in relationship was new for both of them. After having failed at marriage, they were learning how to stay together, love and respect each other. But over the time, every moment of passion that they shared at night helped them fight every challenge that come their way. It has been almost 3 years that Shantanu & Radhika are sharing their lives together and reliving the passion that was long dead after their dreams of having a lovely relationship shattered.

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