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Making the Right Move-II: The Casual Opportunity

Making the Right Move-II: The Casual Opportunity

Shantanu & Radhika were delighted about their trip to Surat. As it was an official trip, they will not have to think about the gossip rounds inside office. If you want to know the background of the story, read the first part, here.

Once everything was finalized, they were informed by the office admin department that they will leave Mumbai by train and will spend 3 days in Surat, having client meeting to understand their expectations. Radhika was there as Shantanu’s subordinate to coordinate affairs between the client and the team. They were to leave in a week for Surat. After that day in office, Shantanu visited Radhika. They were happy to discuss everything they can do without the compulsion of staying in a formal environment.

On the designated day, they left for Surat from the railway station. The client had already made arrangement for their accommodation and they were excited about staying at a hotel. Though they were to stay in different rooms, but the gush of excitement to stay close for 3 days at a stretch were speaking loud from their eyes.

Radhika has specially packed a few intimate and sexy lingerie sets with her. She knew from within that this trip will bring the right opportunity to tell Shantanu everything about her past. On the other hand, Shantanu was eager to feel Radhika and experience the pleasure of cuddling and making love in bed. He was kind of desperate but also knew that Radhika wanted the same thing.

Once they reached Surat, they met the client in the morning. By noon, they were free for the day and thought of exploring the city. The whole day they enjoyed each other’s company like a couple that they had never enjoyed in the past due to their demanding work schedule. By the evening, they planned to hit a bar for a few drinks. Their hotel had a bar and they thought it to be a safe option.

Radhika didn’t have much experience with drinks but she didn’t backed out. She wanted to feel wild and be with Shantanu. After a few drinks, she started feeling tipsy. Shantanu decided to call that a night and took her to her room. After locking the door properly and making her lie on the bed, he relaxed a bit. Though he was tempted to make a move, but never wanted to take advantage of her. Instead, he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

But at the same time, Radhika had something cooking in her mind. She knew she can blame alcohol for everything that happens tonight and quickly changed in a hot nighty and went under the sheets. When Shantanu came back to the room, he saw Radhika relaxing in the bed with sheets on. The AC had cooled the room and the chill made Shantanu wanting to hug Radhika tight.

As he announced that he should probably retire to his room, Radhika asked him to stay over and enjoy the night with her. The invitation served as the right indication and Shantanu directly shifted himself under the sheets right beside Radhika. It was at this moment he realized that instead of wearing her regular clothes, Radhika was in a seductive nighty. The thought instantly turned on Shantanu. He grabbed her by her waist and locked her in a tight embrace.

Once they were through with the make out session, Radhika revealed that she had a complete wardrobe of sexy lingerie, naughty teddies and sex toys to fulfill all of his fantasies. She told how her husband wanted her to dress that way every night but was unable to satisfy her ever. She wanted the pleasure now and in return will shower unlimited love. Shantanu was happy that she loved and desired him the way he loved her. That night, both of them forgot that they were here on an official trip and lived the most passionate moments of their lives. By the time sun rose, they were completely exhausted because they had not even slept a single minute. Both of them were lustful and hungry for another and spent whole night loving each other.


That day after they attended their professional duties, they didn’t go out for site seeing but came back to their room where they shared more intimate moments together. The whole trip became a strong milestone for them and they thought of making the best out of their lives together. Read how they managed to announce their relationship and moved in together in the next part of the story, only at www.kamuklife.com.




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