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Making the right move-I: The Destiny Collides

Making the right move-I: The Destiny Collides

For Radhika, working in a metropolis was more of a need than a job. Being a widow at a young age is not a boon for a woman in the Indian society. After the death of her husband who was almost double her age, she had to take charge of her life, leave home and start a job as a coordinator in a creative agency. She knew no one here so it was hard for her to manage things on her own. Every evening after leaving office she would always think of millions who lived in the city and how they survive despite the misery in their lives.

As Radhika contemplated every evening, Shantanu- his colleague, too, cursed his fate and wanted to know the secret to live a happy life. It was ironic that both worked in the same office, sat a few desks away, had the same problems in life, but never interacted. Fate was at work for both of them, but they still didn’t know. Shantanu’s wife left him for her loved though she was from a rural background. He was a divorced man who had so much to crib about but never showed her frustration to anyone around.

Radhika was new to the office. She was not introduced to Shantanu still but one morning she found her boss talking to Shantanu after which she introduced him to Radhika. They were to work on the same project. After the formal introduction, Shantanu and Radhika became friends and used to hang out together during breaks and lunch time.

After a few days, they found out their stories to be quite similar. Shantanu didn’t have a family and so did Radhika. This realization made them quite comfortable around each other. It was as if both had someone to tag along in the bustling metro city. Both knew each other’s past but they never discussed it much. They were broken when it came to relationships and respected each other’s decision to stay that way.

With time, they started spending weekends together and gradually, people started thinking of them as a couple. When Shantanu came to know about this, he talked to Radhika about it. She was not happy about the relationship tag but didn’t want to leave his friendship, too. They decided to let things be.

They didn’t even realize when this namesake relationship turned out to be a real one. Their destiny collided in a mysterious way making them romantic partners for life. The start was slow but their chemistry bubbled in naughty messages and kinky smiles that they shared during the office hours.

It was one weekend evening at Shantanu’s home. Both were relaxing and discussing their future together. They knew society’s approval was of their least concern. But still they had to take their relationship somewhere.

Radhika still was not sure how to tell her what her ex-husband demanded of her every night. She had a full wardrobe of sexy lingerie, sex toys, babydoll lingerie and what not. Her ex-husband was a big time pervert who had the money to marry someone who was so young and enjoy her body every night.

Though she had lived with the secret, deep within, she had always desired to have a young and muscular man with her. She wanted to please someone who deserved her. And Shantanu was the right fit according to her criteria. She was happy to be with her but was not sure if she wants to be physical at this stage. They had dinner together and decided to call this a night.

Just as they were about to call it a night, Shantanu got a call from Malini- her manager that he will have to visit a client in Surat and Radhika will have to accompany her on the visit. They were to discuss their latest campaign and get approvals on some things in person because the client was not responsive. Shantanu’s eyes gleamed and she told Radhika about everything. Maybe, it was time to take things to the next level now.

What was in store for Shantanu & Radhika? Will she be comfortable discussing her desire for sexy lingerie and hot nighties? To know more, stay tuned and keep browsing Kamuklife.com.



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