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Love in Train

Love in Train

After a long day at office, Sahil came out and saw Khushbu waiting eagerly for him. They were in relationship for two years. Circumstances were quite favorable and they were having a nice time together. Khushbu and Sahil had met in a local train, when both were going for an interview. Incidentally they were going to the same company and Sahil came to know this when Khushbu rushed and grabbed the seat next to him.

“Oh! Thank God! I just caught it on time. Had I missed this train, I would have missed my interview”, Khushbu murmured to herself. Sahil noticed how unorganized she was.

Now I can peacefully arrange my things”, she said.

Sahil was a gentleman.

May I help you”, he asked Khushbu.

She gave her interview letter to him and said, “Please hold this till I arrange my things properly.”

Sahil took it from her and read the name and address. After almost twenty minutes, their station came and Khushbu got off the train without taking her letter. Sahil tried to call her but she left in hustle.

On reaching the interview venue, Khushbu realized that she left her letter in train. She started crying and was inconsolable. “How could I be so irresponsible? I made a blunder! Oh God! What should I do now?” Sahil had gone inside for his interview. He was not there when she was crying. When he came out, he saw Khushbu crying. He went to her with a handkerchief in his hand and said, “Ms. Khushbu, you are being called for interview inside.” She was puzzled. “But…… how….. I haven’t submitted my letter,” she looked at Sahil.

Sahil gave her a warm smile and reminded her of the letter she gave to keep in train. He said, “Go now, and hurry up! They are waiting. I submitted your letter with mine.” Khushbu thanked him smiled and wiped off her tears and went for the interview.

When she came out, Sahil had already left. She enquired about him but got no traces of this unknown man. “I didn’t even asked his name and phone number. How shall I contact him? Oh!! Why am I so careless?” she murmured to herself.

On reaching home, she got a call from the office confirming her appointment. She was thrilled. Next day while getting ready for first day at her new office, she found a handkerchief. It immediately reminded her of the man she met the previous day. She took it for washing and suddenly noticed something written on it. It said “I wish you sit beside me today again. I am appointed and hope that you also get appointed. Shall be waiting for you in the same train.”

Khushbu smiled to herself and worked fast to catch the train. She reached the station and looked for her unknown friend. He was waiting for her. She sat next to him but said nothing. Even Sahil didn’t say anything. But he was happy to see her sitting next to him. The train reached their stop and both got off and went to the office. It was the first day at their office …. Together.

While they were waiting for the elevator, Sahil said “So, you are always in such a hustle or it was due to anxiety yesterday?”. Khushbu felt embarrassed. She didn’t reply. Later she said softly, “May I know the name of my new unknown friend?” “My name is Sahil, Khushbu”. Both laughed and this was the beginning of their friendship. They connected instantly and had a great chemistry.

One night, it was quite late and both of them boarded the last train. It was vacant. They had the entire coach for them . It started raining heavily. Due to water logging, the train got stuck at a lonely area. It was quite dark outside. The weather had become cool and pleasant. Khushbu went out to enjoy the rain. Sahil also joined her. They were completely drenched in water. When the signal turned green, Sahil ran and got on the train. Khushbu followed him. While getting on the train, she slipped and fell over Sahil. Both felt lightning striking all over their body.

Suddenly, blood was boiling and rushing all over. Khushbu felt her nipples had shrunk and they were visible. She was wearing a white top. With water all over, her bare body was clear to Sahil. But she didn’t try to hide it. Sahil too had no intentions to push her back. Instead, he swiftly slipped his hands in her top and unbuttoned her bra. He slid his hands all over her back and then slowly caught her boobs.

Khushbu was enjoying his touch. She covered his face with her wet hair and smooched him. Their hearts were beating as fast as their train. Sahil removed her top and licked her nipples. It was the first time that Khushbu had experienced such heat in her body. She desired for more of it. Sahil rolled her in his arms and leaned over her. This time she could feel a macho, tight and strong penis over her pelvic region. There was no one to stop them and they didn’t want to stop also. They continued and made a passionate love that moment.

 Suddenly the train took a jerk and stopped. They realized that their stop was about to arrive. Both of them took control of themselves and dressed properly. But the flame was still burning deep in their hearts. Within a few minutes, Sahil’s stop came and he stood to leave. He said, “Khushbu, it’s raining heavily. It’s not safe for you to be alone in train. Come with me.” It was a dream come true for Khushbu. She wanted to be with him and so they left together. Since then, traveling to office had become a romantic trip for them and they waited for rains every day.

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