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Is it Love or a Fling: Knowing When to Call it a Relationship?

Is it Love or a Fling: Knowing When to Call it a Relationship?

How to know if you should enter a serious relationship or just move on by writing off someone as a casual fling. We spill some beans on this important topic in this blog.

You might have felt love more than once. But how do you know if something serious is building up or you are just meant to live in the present and enjoy the casual fling? Especially, during the initial stages, relationships can get really confusing. Your heart and brain might not agree if someone is that important and you might not be able to decipher your own feelings and emotions.

So, how do you find if you are really falling in love or just passing through an attraction phase? Various psychological researches have concluded that if you have clear answers to the following questions, you might know where a relationship is heading:

  • Are you engaged in new activities?

When someone falls in love, they tend to try out new things, ditching their routines and normal life. They favor what their partner loves. This can include trying out new cuisines, watching new shows and movies and even getting interested in a physical activity that your partner loves to do.

Someone who falls in love has a broader horizon concerning the choice of things to do compared to the people who are in the middle of a casual fling.

  • Do you feel stressed?

Love is overwhelming and rosy. But according to experts, the people who fall in love secrete more stress hormone cortisol than others. So, if you have met someone and feel frustrated, jittery, irritated or anxious, you might be self-aware about what the other person thinks about you. This is a sign of falling for someone as you get anxious about your impression on the other person.

  • Do you feel motivated?

Do your partner makes you feel motivated? Evidence suggests that when you start falling in love, your dopamine levels increase. This means that you always feel highly motivated. As you become comfortable in a relationship, these levels become normal as other areas of the brain which make you feel deeply attached become active.

This means that if you are beginning to fall in love, you will feel motivated all day long. So, if this is happening to you after meeting someone, there are high chances that the other person is your soulmate and not just a casual encounter.

  • Do you feel the other person is equally involved?

Does your partner reciprocate your feelings? If you are a woman, you may always feel confused about this. Most women wait to see if the man reciprocates love before they commit. If you think the person is returning your feelings, it is likely that you are falling in love.

The feeling of being acknowledged and loved is felt naturally by a human soul. So, if this is something you have been feeling for a while, you might be really in love.

  • Do you feel intensely?

How intense are your emotions? If you are attached to someone deeply you tend to experience high degree of passion in your everyday life, too. But that is not the rule of thumb. It is not certain that if you have fell in love, you will feel deeply about everything. If you don’t have an attachment orientation, you will feel less intense emotions.

  • Is love a regular feature in your life?

If you feel that you have fallen in love more often, chances are higher that you would miss the real thing. But be careful. The more you feel in it, the more chances of having a heartbreak. If you feel close to everyone around, you must exercise caution.

The other person might not feel the same and might even consider you just a good friend or a casual partner. Ask this question to yourself before proposing or being deeply attached.

  • Do you feel like proposing and revealing your feelings?

You might want to say ‘I Love You’ to someone for long. But is your intention strong enough to actually utter these three magical words. If your brain and mind are on the same page about this, there are pretty decent chances that you have actually fallen in love.

People who have casual flings don’t feel like blurting out their love with all their heart. So, when your heart and mind are both permitting to say this, you are more likely to have fallen in love.


If you find answers to these questions, you will be pretty clear if you have fallen in love or are just passing through a lovely phase. Also, while taking that decision, find out if you are investing more and more in a person, emotionally, physically and energy-wise. If you are investing more per se, it is clear that you definitely feel a tinge of love in your heart and are ready for the ultimate commitment.


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