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What to look in a resort while planning a holiday with your loved one?

What to look in a resort while planning a holiday with your loved one?

Holidays are that time of your schedule when you look forward to unwind yourself and relax; a time when your mind, body and soul demands some time off for it to rejuvenate.

So, holidays are meant for your body AND for you to spend some quality time with your partner.

It doesn’t matter if you are going for your honeymoon or your first holiday with your partner or just need to spend some quality time with your partner and need to get away from your daily lives. What matters is companionship and togetherness. So no matter what the situation is when you decide to take a holiday; the only thing that matters is consensus between both the partners.

Along with this, another thing that matters for your holiday to be success is definitely the place where you decide to take a vacation at and the property you choose to put up at.

So, if you decide to go for a beach holiday and the resort you opted for in the first place is not up to your standard, you stand a chance of spoiling your entire vacation… something that you don’t want!

Decide what you want

There can be a lot of pre-requisites that you might zero in on, before you decide to take the plunge and book a resort for your next vacation. For this, fore mostly, you ought to jot down your expectations and things that you want. This might include the luxuries you are used to and any additional service that you might want. Then, you compare it with the resort you have shortlisted.

This is where all things interplay.

So, as a person going for a vacation with your partner, there are some very basic things that you might want to make sure your resort provides. Some of these can be:

1.     Couple-friendly

Many-a-times, hotels and resorts are not couple-friendly and only cater to families. Before making the advance payment, you might want to check with the resort if it is couple friendly. At the end of the day, you want to be able to slip into some really hot baby doll lingerie and have fun with your partner! In fact, if this is your honeymoon, you want to be able to lie in your bed with your partner in sexy negligee and relax!

2.     Look for activities

Sometimes, you will feel like you don’t want to step out of the resort and want to stay indoors. Or it can, that the weather is not compliant enough and you feel like not stepping out. For this, you need to make sure that the resort you are checking yourself into has ample indoor activities to do and has a lot to explore. In fact, look for fun couple activities like couple spas, or bowling; where you can have a fun time with each other.

3.     Special requests

Since you are on a vacation to relax with your beloved after really long time, make sure that the resort you are picking provides you with the service of catering to any special requests you might have. For instance, you might want to have a candle light dinner or a candle-lit bath in the tub. Or you might want a special song orchestrated for your beloved. For these, make sure the resort staff is complaint enough or not.

4.     Book a resort on basis of how you want to holiday

There could be a lot of things in your mind and your partner’s mind when it comes to going on a holiday. Either you are just looking to relax and stay in the resort; or you intend to go out in the morning, explore the entire place and come back in the evening; only to go back the next day. If you intend to do the latter, you need not splurge on 5-stars; because you are technically coming back to the resort to just sleep, so a budget hotel should suit you. If you want to stay indoors and pamper yourself, you can choose to splurge on the most luxurious properties for the sake of more activities and your comfort.

5.     Budget

This brings us to the budget. Yes, this is a holiday but no, it does not mean you burn all your savings on this. Plan carefully and choose a resort that fits your budget; don’t go after amenities and luxuries because there is no end to it.


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