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Living in joint family? Here is how you can enjoy your sex life

Living in joint family? Here is how you can enjoy your sex life

In India, couples live in a constant dilemma about how to increase the romance quotient while living in a joint family. Though it is hard to find some quality time while living in a joint family, small gestures and moves can help you in enjoying a great sex life without strained relationships. Read further to know how you can keep the passion alive even when you have several people moving around the house.

Communication is the key

Lack of privacy is the biggest concern for a couple while living in a joint family. When living together, many times a couple finds it hard to communicate their thoughts, leading to misunderstandings and fights. This has an impact on the bedroom life too. So, instead of cribbing about privacy you can start talking to your husband more often. Take help of technology to keep him updated about your desires without worrying about privacy concerns. Also, having a deep and heartfelt talk when everyone sleeps at home is a great idea to make things work.

Make vacations a routine affair

When bored, you should plan out a couple vacation. Having a joint family can be a boon sometimes as they can take care of kids while you are out with your partner. Creating a vacation schedule and informing your partner as well as family members will not only help you avoid conflict but will also give you necessary breathing space to spice things up, easily.

When in bed, let your passion rule over your wisdom

A great idea to not let your sex life suffer is to make kids sleep in separate rooms as soon as they are ready. This will leave you and your partner ample time and provide you privacy to enjoy intimate moments in bed. And when you are alone, think what you can do more to excite your partner. Keeping a stock of sexy lingerie or babydoll nightwear in your private closet is a good idea for the start. You can also make a bedroom dressing rule and wear baby doll nighties in the night, when everyone falls asleep to keep your partner excited throughout the night.


Living in a joint family can be hard. But this doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on your sex drive and fantasies. Through clear planning and some wise moves, your sexual cravings can be satisfied even when everyone is around. You just have to create a sense of privacy and steal some moments out of the hectic schedules to make things work. And when you are out of thoughts, browse KamukLife.com to get some kinky ideas for spicing things up.


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